On Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton was condemned by one of her opponents for the bad judgement she showed in supporting the Iraq war, arguably the worst decision in American history.

However Hillary used her extremely high IQ to adapt the situation to her advantage. She stated that she and anti-Iraq war Obama had debated that issue countless times when they were both running for president 8 years ago, and that Obama ended up trusting her judgement enough to make her Secretary of State. The audience cheered.

However in my humble opinion, President Obama made her Secretary of State, not because he values her judgement, but because he needed to unite the Democratic Party after a bitter Primary battle, and because he’s scared to death of her. Ever hear the saying “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”? That perfectly describes his relationship with Hillary.

In my opinion Hillary has been scheming to be President of the United States since she was a teenager, but coming of age in the 1960s, she realized there was too much sexism to get elected on her own merits, so the plan became to marry an Ivy League ambitious charismatic man who could take her to the white house, and then to parlay her First Lady gig into a political career of her own.

The lifelong plan was working brilliantly: she was the most admired woman in America and far and away the front runner to be president in 2008, and then out of nowhere came a young unknown inexperienced, arguably unqualified man named Barack Obama to derail decades and decades of brilliant planning and execution.

And adding insult to injury, he was black. For in the eyes of many white liberals, blacks should be so grateful for all they (the white liberals) have supposedly done for them. Indeed when Bill Clinton saw this black man ripping the nomination for President away from his wife, he reportedly said: “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” In the eyes of many white liberals of Hillary’s generation, blacks should worship at the feet of white liberals, but they should never ever challenge them as equals.

It was enough to make Hillary cry, literally, as mocked in this infamous video:

And then in a last minute act of seeming desperation too horrific to even describe, she lashed out in the following way:

But Hillary was far too shrewd to be seen acting like a sore loser for long. She feigned joy over the election of the first black president and happily joined his cabinet, knowing that an alliance with Obama was the only way she could win back the black support she needed to make a second run for the presidency.

But in my opinion, inside she was seething with a rage that this man, this black man, had robbed her of her lifelong dream she was within striking distance of achieving, and President Obama knows it. In fact, I believe part of the reason he made her Secretary of State was to keep an eye on her and try to control her.

And as we approach Halloween, President Obama must be living in utter terror. For Hillary Clinton is now once again on the verge of making her lifelong dream of being president a reality, only if she finally gets there this time, she will not, in my opinion, forgive or forget the one man who snatched the dream away from her the first time, when she was still young enough to enjoy it, and made her waste eight years of her life as a scandal plagued Secretary of State.

I suspect President Obama is trying desperately to get Joe Biden to jump into the race and challenge Hillary, because if Hillary wins, she’ll be not only the most powerful woman on the planet, but the most powerful human on the planet…and she’ll be hungry for revenge against one man: President Obama. And she’ll have four to eight long years to take her revenge, again and again. With an extremely high IQ, and the entire power of the presidency behind her, there’s no telling all the creative ways she’ll dream up to make his life miserable.

And if Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victim Juantia Broaddrick is to be believed, Hillary Clinton is a woman who knows how to play hardball: