With Halloween only weeks away, it’s time for scary topics.

Hannibal Lecter is the fictional evil psychopath from the Silence of the Lambs movies, who uses his 150+ IQ to harass law enforcement experts by paying close attention to their accents, and accusing them of being proles.

He actually reminds me quite a bit of our very own Jorge Videla/Mugabe, who often uses these avatars.

It would have been fascinating if Videla/Mugabe really did look like the second avatar, and was actually some genius black guy driven mad by resentment over HBD, but in real life, he claims to be of an upper class WASP background, and claims to look like this:

Of course, unlike Hannibal Lecter, Videla is not an evil psychopath, but he uses his 160 IQ (1560 on the old SAT) to harass us HBD experts for entertainment, and say horrific shocking things, and Videla also accuses HBDers (people who believe in behavioral genetics) of being proles (low class), and pays special attention to the accents of HBDers (he for examples believes the great Charles Murray’s accent is affectation to hide a prole background):

I always liked Murray’s original way of speaking, and have sometimes found myself trying to imitate it when having intellectual discussions with friends, but the thought that it could be an affectation is pretty funny.

It’s understandable why criminal Hannibal Lecter would hate the FBI, but it’s strange that 160 IQ Videla/Mugabe, would so hate people who believe IQ is primarily genetic. You would think someone with such a high IQ would want to believe it was genetic, so it’s fascinating that he’s devoted much of his life to declaring war on those who do.

I have my own theories about what motivates him, but I don’t really know.