I’m just finishing off a post about Putin’s IQ, but I wanted to briefly mention that one of my blog posts has qualified for one of HBD Chick’s legendary linkfests, which are a collection of generally recent HBD related links that the fabulous HBD Chick deems worthy. Being cited in one of her linkfests is an important rite of passage; a sign that one have arrived.

This is a huge honor, because whenever commenter Santoculto wanted to belittle me, he would say “I never once see you on HBD Chick’s linkfests”. Well, now you do, Santoculto. Now you do.

HBD Chick and I are kind of at opposite ends of the HBD spectrum. I tend to focus more on IQ, she tends to focus more on other behavioral traits. I tend to focus on ancient evolution, she tends to focus more on very recent evolution.

To find out more about HBD Chick, I strongly recommend reading this interview she gave.