It’s a new season (autumn), and time to update the HBD 23:  The authoritative list of the World’s 23 most popular HBD blogs.  Time to find out,

Who’s up?

Who’s down?

Who’s gone?

And why 23?  Because that’s the number of pairs of human chromosomes and thus a good number for humanbiodiversity blogs.  It also happens to rhyme with HBD.

One change, from last season’s rankings is this time I decided to use instead of because the former provides an estimate of readership in addition to global ranking.  

This season it took an astonishing 15000 monthly readers just to make last place on the HBD 23.  Several blogs (including this one) were tied for 23rd place with 15000 monthly readers, so I decided the only objective way to break ties is to look at Global ranking, which meant, sadly, I still have not made this incredibly prestigious list despite the fact that my readership has nearly tripled since early June.  Whenever you see several blogs with the same readership, the one with the higher Global rank is ranked higher on the HBD 23.

This season, we welcome six incredibly popular newcomers to the HBD 23, which means sadly, that six excellent blogs were pushed off the list from last season, to make room for the class of Fall 2015.  But that’s Darwinism: survival of the fittest.

So without further ado, here’s the HBD 23 (Fall 2015 edition):

hbd 23 rank blog/website estimated number of readers per moth (sept 27, 2015) change in hbd 23 rank from last season
1. 580,000 up
2. 450,000 new
3. 360,000 down
4. 260,000 no change
5. 260,000 down
6. 180,000 down
7. 180,000 up
8. 120,000 new
9. 100,000 down
10. forumbiodiversity 95,000 down
11. 65,000 new
12. 50,000 down
13. 30,000 down
14. 25,000 new
15. 25,000 down
16. (inactive for over a year; most of Steve’s readers followed him to what would become the #1 HBD blog: 25,000 down
17. 25,000 down
18. 20,000 down
19. 20,000 new
20. 20,000 down
21. (this blog has been inactive since he got promoted to join the #1 HBD blog,, so most of his readers have followed him there) 20,000 new
22. 20,000 no change
23. 15,000 down


Staying on the HBD 23 is almost as hard as getting there in the first place.  As competition grows, we sadly had to say goodbye to these six excellent blogs which made the list last quarter, but didn’t make the cut this time around:

blog/website estimated number of readers per month (Sept 27, 2015) 15,000 10,000 9000 (recently got promoted to join the #1 HBD blog,, so most of his readers have followed him there) 8000 5000 no data

Near misses

The following blogs did not make the HBD 23, but they’re within striking distance:

blog/website estimated number of monthly readers (Sept 27, 2015) 15,000 10,000 8000 8000 8000