A recent poll found that of the subset of my readers who are 1) American, and 2) old enough to be done school, an astonishing 38% have attended elite U.S. colleges. This is not something I’m proud of because as a Canadian, I’m very much opposed to America’s Ivy League caste system, however statistically it’s interesting because according to scholar Jonathan Wai, people who attended elite schools are likely in the top 1% of U.S. cognitive ability (IQ 133+), at least on college admission tests.

Of course many people who attend these schools did not score in the top 1% and many people who attended poor schools, did score in the top 1%, however Wai’s logic is that exceptions in both directions cancel out, so if 38% of my readers attended these schools, then 38% likely have IQs of 133+, assuming of course that the subset of readers who are American and old enough to have graduated from college and professional school are representative of my readers as whole.

Assuming the IQs of my readers are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 15, then this implies the average reader has an IQ of 129. On a scale where white Americans have a mean IQ of 100 (SD = 15) and all Americans have a mean of 96 (SD = 15.8), and white Americans PhDs have a mean IQ of 123, it is quite incredible that my readers might have a mean IQ of 129: roughly two standard deviations above the U.S. white mean.

Although even two standard deviations above the mean is really not enough to understand the concepts I discuss on this blog, as evidenced by the fact that only one person (out of thousands of very high IQ people) has obtained the pumpkin person degree in heritability (though another person almost got the degree, but failed to adequately prepare). I have found that even people who are three standard deviations above the mean in IQ lack the subtlety to think flexibly about very basic statistical concepts.

There are roughly 13 regular commenters on this blog that I will list in alphabetical order:

Carl Churchill
grey enlightenment
Jorge Videla/Mugabe/duke of leinster/First Ypres

Based on the theoretical IQ distribution of my blog readers, we would expect these 13 to have the following IQs (though we can’t be sure which IQ goes with which person):

150 (Very Brilliant)
140 (Brilliant)
131 (Extremely Bright)
122 (Very Bright)
113 (Bright)
103 (Average range)