I’ve been getting a lot of new traffic on my blog, and after investigating where it was coming from, I was honored to discover that a major blogger named ANATOLY KARLIN has added me to their blogroll. I am listed in the Top IQ/HBD Thinkers section along side such luminaries as Steve Sailer, JayMan, HBD chick and Steve Hsu.

The blogroll finds a way to make each of us HBD bloggers feel special. Emil Kirkegaard is listed as “possibly the highest IQ IQ-blogger”. Dr. James Thomson is listed as “the most comprehensive IQ-blogger”. I’m listed as “possibly the most entertaining IQ-blogger” though perhaps they’re talking about my commenters, not me. Steve Sailer is listed as “our Lord, the King of the HBDsphere”. JayMan is listed as “Black-Asian American proving HBD with maps and stats”.

I don’t know if I believe JayMan has significant Asian blood. JayMan was probably told by his parents, who were told by their parents that somewhere in the family history there is Asian blood, but often people are mistaken about such matters.

Even when African Americans really do have Asian or white blood, folks just don’t want to hear it. Tiger Woods once said he was Cablinasian (Caucasian, Black, Indian, and Asian) and the black community went absolutely ballistic, yelling “Tiger YOU ARE BLACK! Period! End of story! None of this Cablinasian shit!”

Blacks learn early that they need to keep quiet about any non-black ancestry that they have, because blacks get very angry, and tragically, other races get very angry too when a black claims to be related to them. So kudos to JayMan for breaking the taboo.