Ottawa is the most educated, powerful, and technological city, in the smartest country, in the most powerful continent, on the face of the planet. Ottawa is the capital of Canada! The home of the prime minister, and members of parliament and all their high IQ employees and family members.

And because of the more sophisticated political discourse that occurs in Canada, thanks in part to the parliamentary system, the diminished role of money in politics, and classy media like CBC radio, Canada’s political class appears to be significantly more intelligent than America’s. For example U.S. elites supported the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq, as did countries as powerful as Britain and Israel, but Canada’s big brained prime minister Jean Chrétien had the good judgement to oppose it, before it began, and he did so in gorgeous Ottawa.

The large cranial capacity of Jean Chrétien allowed room for great wisdom.

The average U.S. president probably has an IQ of about 130 (higher than 98% of whites). The only Canadian prime minister whose IQ I’m aware of is Kim Campbell who reportedly scored a stratospheric 154. Assuming that’s a deviation IQ, it would make her almost certainly smarter than any president in American history, but even that might be an underestimate because the test wasn’t hard enough to find her ceiling. “I’ve never seen anyone who could absorb so much,” her shocked teacher recalled.

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Not only is Ottawa flowing with the greatest minds in politics and public policy, and all their high IQ families, but Ottawa is overflowing with high tech talent. Nicknamed the silicon valley of the North, Ottawa has a jaw dropping 1,700 high tech companies. An astonishing figure for city with not even a million residents.

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So not only does Ottawa have the greatest political minds in North America, but it combines that with high tech genius, and on top of that, it’s a bilingual city where folks switch from English to French without missing a beat. There might be more brain power per capita in Ottawa than any other city in North America, not to mention all of Europe, the middle-east, South Asia, and Africa. You have the best and brightest people from all over the World flocking to this beautiful city in droves.

There’s just a level of sophistication and class that occurs in Ottawa that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

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