I’m extremely impressed with the new generation of black activists.  Unlike the black activists of the baby boomer era who mindlessly supported the Democrats, this younger generation is holding Democrats accountable and demanding a return on their 90% investment in the party.  This is partly because the internet is making people more politically aware, but it might also be because better prenatal nutrition over the last several decades has increased the brain size and neurological development of the younger generation, giving them the cognitive ability to question propaganda.

And it’s great to see some hard-core full-blooded blacks standing up for their ethnic genetic interests, instead of always letting the light skinned blacks own the leadership.  It was great to see a hard-core black looking black aggressively confront a liberal white woman as privileged as Hillary.

I suspect Hillary was trying very hard to contain her anger.  As the most worshipped woman in America and a liberal to boot, Hillary is used to being treated like a Queen.  She’s not used to being questioned by anyone, let alone regular people; let alone regular black people who are supposed to be so grateful for the decades of liberal activism of Hillary and her husband.

But these hard-core blacks are not grateful, because they’re smart enough to know that her husband’s presidency put more folks in jail than any president before him, and a huge percent of them were black.  Not only that, but in what many saw as a ruthless political ploy, President Clinton executed a black man so mentally disabled, he saved his pie to eat after the execution.

Despite such behavior, President Clinton was a master manipulator whose social IQ was so high, black people absolutely worshipped him, and by extension his wife, and the only African American to win a Nobel Prize in literature crowned him America’s first black president.

But thanks in part to prenatal nutrition increasing brain size, the younger generation of blacks is smart enough to see through the nonsense, and unlike her husband, Hillary doesn’t have the social IQ to charm her way out of it.