Recently a commenter who goes by the name “Cale” had some HBD related questions. Cale is from France so his English knowledge is not advanced, but amazingly, he still manages to come across as brilliant through the sheer substance of his ideas and his ability to remember, comprehend and synthesize all the theories I discuss, despite the fact that we speak different languages. So I’m going to try to answer all his questions, but unfortunately, most of his questions have no known answers.

Question 1: Who have in the absolute the highest verbal IQ between Europeans and Orientals ?

This is an extremely hard question to answer because of the difficulty of comparing verbal ability between people who speak different languages. But research on Japanese kids has found that they score lower than U.S. whites on verbal tests until age nine or ten, and from then on score the same. However scholar Richard Lynn believes that they never truly catch up, but that their scores are artificially inflated by superior schooling which verbal tests are especially amenable to.

Question 2: Do you have the detail of verbal and spatial score by race ? (What I mean is the spatial IQ and the verbal IQ of each races)

No. Most of the international research on racial differences in IQ uses the Raven Progress Matrices test which was not intended to measure verbal or spatial ability but rather pure unadulterated abstract reasoning, which Charles Spearman considered to be the essence of g (general intelligence). There’s some verbal and spatial data on racial groups living in the West, but these are often of hyper-selected immigrants who often suffer from sub-optimum nutrition and language barriers in the first generations.

Question 3: Do you think its possible that average White or Asian IQ could have been in the 130 range if ice age last longer ?

No, I don’t. I think just as humans eventually got too smart to find the tropics cognitively demanding, we would have eventually got too smart to find the ice age cognitively demanding and selection would have finally relaxed there too.

Question 4: What is, in your opinion (or based on facts if you have them) the racial hierarchy in social IQ ? (I know that Blacks have a relatively high social IQ but what about them in the absolute?)

This is incredibly hard to answer because there are so few tests of social cognition, and the few that exist are used mostly to diagnose autism and thus are way too easy for neurotypicals. Scholar J.P. Rushton argued that blacks are more sexual than whites who are more sexual than East Asians, so based on that, I proposed that blacks should have high social IQs and East Asians should have low social IQs, at least after controlling for g, however my theory took a hit when I learned that on the WISC-R IQ test, blacks obtained their second lowest score on the Comprehension subtest, which has traditionally been regarded as a proxy for social judgement. On the other hand, the Comprehension subtest requires you to give the rationale for social norms imposed by the dominant culture, and many blacks reject those.

If I had to guess I would say blacks are equal to whites on what I would call dynamic social cognition (rapidly reading and adapting to body language, voice tones, and facial expressions in real time face to face interactions), but lower on theoretical social cognition (understanding the complex motives of others and predicting their behavior), but controlling for g, they would be superior to whites on dynamic social IQ. However I’m just speculating; I know of no research on the existence of this dichotomy, let alone racial differences therein.

Question 5: Who is the smartest man in the world in your opinion ?

I would guess the smartest man in the World is some East Asian American quietly working away as a scientist or mathematician, and the smartest woman in the World is some incredibly fast talking East Asian woman who can solve a Rubik’s cube with lightening speed, and is possibly living in Hong Kong, perhaps as the well dressed wife of some rich entrepreneur.

Question 6: Who is the smartest Black man in the world in your opinion ?

Probably someone very similar to President Obama (but with a much, much bigger head); that is to say some tall skinny well educated hybridized second generation East African immigrant to a Western country, with a very calm, rational, mature demeanor.