Fox news host Megyn Kelly has been in the news a lot lately, ever since Thurdsay’s Republican Fox news debate, when she challenged Donald Trump to explain the disgusting terms he used to describe women: “fat pig, animal, slob, etc”

Trump was able to cleverly adapt the situation to his advantage by saying “only Rosie O’Donnell” and getting huge cheers from the Republican audience who hates the super liberal Rosie.

However rather than just let Trump bask in the applause of his witty comeback, Kelly claimed Trump had demeaned other women.  Trump was clearly annoyed, yet adapted the situation to his advantage again by saying “the real problem we have in this country, is being politically correct.”

More applause from the audience.

Then Trump said something seemingly stupid (i.e. not to his advantage) to Kelly:  “I’ve been very nice to you although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me.”

This was seen by many as a veiled threat.  But it got worse.  Late that night he retweeted someone calling Kelly a bimbo and then appeared on CNN Friday night and vulgarly claimed Megyn had blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of her whatever.

This did not seem smart to me, because the same people who love Donald Trump, also love Megyn Kelly (an attractive host of the conservative Fox news channel) so why alienate your own base?  This caused Trump to be disinvited from a Republican gathering, and even the right-wing Glenn Beck is siding with Kelly:

On the other hand, it might have been a brilliant move. If enough of Trump’s fans decide to boycott Kelly’s show, they could seriously hurt her in the ratings, and a lot other journalists, seeing how he damaged her career,  will be too scared to ask Trump the tough questions in the future, paving the way for a Trump presidency.  Seems like a longshot though.

I previously estimated Trump’s IQ to be in the 120s: smarter than most people who inherit huge amounts of money, but not as smart as a billionaire who is 100% self-made.   But this was just a wild guess based on nothing but money, and could be completely wrong.

What might Megyn Kelly’s IQ be?  In the clip above, Glenn Beck suggests Megyn is “wicked smart”.  Fox news legal analyst Judge Napolitano suggested that Megyn is smarter than Hillary Clinton who I suspect is around 140.  Kelley disagreed that she is smarter than Hillary, citing the fact that Hillary attended a much better law school than Megyn did.

It’s not where you went to school, Napolitano explains, it’s where you are today.

I thought that comment was hilarious because wile Hillary may end up the first woman president; Megyn ended up Fox news.  Not to diminish Megyn’s incredible success in cable TV, but it’s not the equivalent of being the president.  Though in Megyn’s defence, she got where she is on her own, while Hillary married into power.

Perhaps the best insight into Megyn’s IQ was when Howard Stern asked her how she did on the LSAT (or was it the SAT?).  If I recall correctly, she said she scored around the 95 percentile.  The LSAT is generally taken by college graduates.  On a scale where white Americans have a mean IQ of 100 (SD = 15), all U.S. college grads have a mean IQ of 110, and an SD of 14, so the 95 percentile (1.66 SD) among them implies an IQ  of:

1.66 (14) + 110 = 133

An IQ of 133 is higher than nearly 99% of white America and more than explains Megyn’s rise to the top of cable news, especially when combined with her good looks and charisma.  As eminent scientist and blogger Bruce Charlton once noted: “Attractive women with big personalities have always been able to go a long way in any society – for example the Empress Theodora (wife of Byzantine Emperor Justinian) began as a dancing girl/ prostitute and there are many other examples”

But as Megyn’s IQ illustrates, good looks and good personality alone are generally not enough to make it to the top of America.  You typically also need some very good g.