Senator Chuck Schumer is one of the smartest politicians in the world with a reported score of 1600 on the older, much harder version of the SAT (equivalent to an IQ of about 170).  And while this score might have been exaggerated, he shows several statistical signs of extremely high IQ (large head, large height, extremely powerful job, Ashkenazi ancestry, Ivy League law degree etc).

Intelligence evolved because genes for intelligence were favored by natural selection, either because smart people had more kids, or because smart people helped the genetic populations they belong to increase in size.

Late this week, in a move that has stunned many Democrats, loyal Democrat Schumer has decided to side against the leader of his own political party (Obama) and join the the Republicans in opposing the Iran nuclear deal.

Many predict Schumer’s decision will profoundly hurt his political ambitions.  The New York Times reports:

Within hours of his announcement, Mr. Schumer came under sharp criticism from liberal groups like, which threatened a campaign donation boycott. The liberal organization Credo Action said the senator had gone “from Wall Street Chuck to War Monger Chuck.”

The White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, on Friday did not rule out the possibility that Mr. Schumer’s stance could cost him some support when he pursues his party’s top Senate post.

So if intelligence is arguably the mental ability to adapt; to take whatever situation your in and turn it around to your advantage, why would someone as smart as Schumer make such a seemingly dumb decision?

Because while the decision might hurt Schumer from the perspective of his career goals,  humans have ultimately evolved to serve our genetic goals, and from a genetic perspective, the decision might be smart.  If Schumer believes the misreported claim that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, then they’re an existential threat to 2.8 million Ashkenazi Jews, each of whom might share an average of 0.2% of Schumer’s identical genes by descent, thus saving Israel might be the genetic equivalent of Schumer fathering 11,200 children.

Even if he sees Iran as only an economic or geopolitical threat to Israel, the larger point is still the same.  Schumer’s genetic fitness is linked to the future of Israel, and all humans have evolved to advance their genetic fitness, but because those with high IQs acquire more wealth and power, they are able to do so with great efficiency.  Thus high IQ groups are selected at the expense of low IQ groups, partly because they produce more brilliant individuals like Schumer, who can advance the group’s interest on an epic evolutionary scale.

When genes for kin recognition misfire

One might wonder why president Obama, unlike other U.S. politicians, is so uniquely willing to give Iran a chance.  My guess is that because Obama and his sidekick Valerie Jarrett grew up around a lot of Muslims in places like Indonesia and Iran, their genes have essentially been tricked into thinking they are Middle eastern, even though both individuals have no known middle eastern ancestry.

As commenter Cale noted, humans have no genetic extra sensory perception, but we likely evolved to favour those who look and act like the people we grew up around because statistically these are likely to be genetic relatives.

In the case of Obama and Jarrett, they grew up around Muslim culture, so their natural impulse might be to treat Muslims like distant kin, especially since as hybridized blacks, the intermediate phenotype of Obama and  Jarrett resembles that of the non-white caucasoids of the Middle East who as the first caucasoids to evolve when humans left Africa, are also genetically intermediate between Africa and Europe..this is just my theory and could be 100% wrong.  It could be that Obama has highly sophisticated reasons for making this deal, and similarly, Schumer might have sophisticated reasons for opposing it, independent of tribal impulses.