In 2009, there were 23 decabillionaires in America according to authoritative Forbes magazine:

1 William Gates III 50,000 53 Medina Microsoft
2 Warren Buffett 40,000 79 Omaha Berkshire Hathaway
3 Lawrence Ellison 27,000 65 Redwood City Oracle
4 Christy Walton & family 21,500 54 Jackson Wal-Mart
5 Jim C. Walton 19,600 61 Bentonville Wal-Mart
6 Alice Walton 19,300 60 Fort Worth Wal-Mart
7 S. Robson Walton 19,000 65 Bentonville Wal-Mart
8 Michael Bloomberg 17,500 67 New York Bloomberg
9 Charles Koch 16,000 73 Wichita manufacturing, energy
9 David Koch 16,000 69 New York manufacturing, energy
11 Sergey Brin 15,300 36 Palo Alto Google
11 Larry Page 15,300 36 San Francisco Google
13 Michael Dell 14,500 44 Austin Dell
14 Steven Ballmer 13,300 53 Seattle Microsoft
15 George Soros 13,000 79 Westchester hedge funds
16 Donald Bren 12,000 77 Newport Beach real estate
17 Paul Allen 11,500 56 Mercer Island Microsoft, investments
17 Abigail Johnson 11,500 47 Boston Fidelity
19 Forrest Edward Mars 11,000 78 McLean candy, pet food
19 Jacqueline Mars 11,000 70 Bedminster candy, pet food
19 John Mars 11,000 73 Arlington candy, pet food
22 Carl Icahn 10,500 73 New York leveraged buyouts
23 Ronald Perelman

Of these, only the following 13 appear to be self-made:

1. William Gates
2. Warren Buffet
3. Lawrence Ellison
4. Michael Bloomberg
5. Sergey Brin
6.Larry Page
7.Michael Dell
8.Steven Ballmer
9. George Soros
10. Donald Bren
11. Paul Allen
12. Carl Icahn
13. Ronald Perelman

Now what’s astonishing is that with the exception of Allen, Gates and Buffet, all of them are more or less Jewish.  Despite being 2% of America, Jews (as of 2009) are 77% of self-made decabillionaires.

So we see that as we move up America’s economic ladder, from the homeless, to the general population, to billionaires, to self-made decabillionaires, we see that the percentage of lowest IQ race (blacks) goes from 45% to about 14% to 0.25% to 0% while the percentage of the highest IQ race (Jews) goes from perhaps close to 0%, to 2%, to about 36%, to 77%.  See pie charts below (click for larger view):



Clearly, life is an IQ test, and money is how we keep score, because from an evolutionary perspective, intelligence is the mental ability to adapt; to take whatever situation you’re in, and turn it around to your advantage.

And what is more advantageous than money? Money buys mansions overlooking the Pacific ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. Money buys private jets and fancy cars. Money buys the best food, and the best servants, and politicians who impose your world views, scientists and research labs to explore all your questions, and media platforms to spread your ideas. It buys the best health care for yourself and all you love, and buys the freedom to retire early. It even buys love and better teeth, the perfect body without exercise and youth (plastic surgery).

If you know where to shop, money is the solution to virtually all our problems, and smart people, as good problem solvers, tend to get money.

This is such common sense, it’s entered the culture with sayings like “if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” and “a fool and his money are soon parted”.  Money is the most universal measure of success, so if IQ tests are valid measure of the cognitive ability to adapt & problem solve, then high IQ races should have solved the problem of getting money more effectively than low IQ races, and that’s exactly what we find.

And even more astonishing, arguably the biggest brained member of the entire black race (and the entire female sex), is almost always the only African American on Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans, and was, from 2004 to 2006, the World’s ONLY black billionaire (excluding two hybridized blacks with less than 50% sub-Saharan ancestry), and the most influential woman on the planet according to Time magazine.

However not even big brained Oprah has made it to the absolute top of American wealth: Decabillionaire level which is a level of success currently achieved by only whites and Jews.

Given that U.S. Jews have an average IQ of 110 but a race IQ of 130 (the IQ Jews would have if the correlation between race and IQ were perfect) and U.S. whites have an IQ of 100, but a race IQ of 106, the fact that self-made decabillionaires are 77% Jewish and 23% white means they have an average race IQ of 0.77(130) + 0.23(106) = 124, which is 28 points above the U.S. mean of 96.

But since race IQ only correlates 0.48 with general intelligence which correlates 0.9 with IQ, we must divide those 28 points by 0.48 then multiply by 0.9 to see that the average self-made decabillionaire has an IQ 53 points above the U.S. mean of 96:

96 + 53 = 149

In other words, the average U.S. self-made decabillionaire has an IQ of about 150 (by definition, only one in 2000 U.S. whites has an IQ this high)

Of course all of this assumes that the high “race IQ” of self-made decabillionaires is nothing more than a byproduct of capitalism selecting for IQ, allowing one to assume race is just a regressed correlate of  intelligence that has to be “unregressed” from the mean through division.

Of course I’m not dumb enough to think that the racial composition of the super rich is explained entirely by IQ, otherwise, there would be other high IQ groups represented such as East Asian Americans who score higher than whites and Indian Americans who may score as high as Jews.

Clearly Jews are over-represented among the super rich, even controlling for IQ, but because other high IQ races are under-represented, controlling for IQ, it seems to cancel itself out, and the average IQ of a highly selected groups is often deducible from the average race IQ of the group.  For example, using racial composition of the homeless, I was able to infer they have an average IQ of about 75, which has been confirmed by actual IQ testing of the homeless.

Evidence that self-made decabillionaires have an average IQ around 150 comes from the fact that as of 2009, at least two of the 13 (Bill Gates and Paul Allen) reportedly scored between 1590-1600 on the older much harder pre-1995 SAT; roughly equivalent to an IQ of 170.  Assuming the IQs of self-made decabillionaires are roughly normally distributed with a standard deviation of about 15 IQ points, then if the top 15% have IQs around 170, the average IQ should easily be at least 150 (though Gates and Allen might be outliers and their scores are impossible to confirm).

The evidence that IQ and money are linked is overwhelming, and comes from multiple sources.  The next time someone tells you the correlation is weak, tell them that the average self-made decabillionaire might be an astonishing FIVE STANDARD DEVIATIONS (75 IQ points) smarter than the average homeless, and ask them “if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?”