In honor of HBD Chick’s wildly popular linkfests, I am going to do a piefest, (^_^) ’cause i hate piefasts, too. (*^_^*)

The first pie I’m going to show you is of the racial distribution of the U.S. population. This will be followed by pies showing the racial distribution of America’s three main power elites: the super-popular (those with the power to win American hearts), the intelligentsia (those with the power to win American minds), and the super rich (those with the power to win America’s wallets).

First, the racial distribution of America as a whole:


Now compare it with the distribution of America’s three major power elites below: The super popular (those who win hearts), the intelligentsia (those who win minds), and the super rich (those who win wallets).  Click for larger view.


The first thing we notice is that blacks are over-represented among the super popular, yet very under-represented among the intelligentsia and severely underrepresented among the super rich.  My theory is that in Africa, sexual selection favored those who had the popularity to compete for mates (reproductive output), but outside Africa, natural selection (survival of the fittest) favored those who could compete for resources, so blacks evolved to be good at getting popularity, but are really bad at getting resources (i.e. money).

The next thing we notice is that Jews are over-represented among all three power elites which makes sense given their high IQs, but their margin of superiority varies enormously from one domain to another.  They are are only moderately over-represented among the super popular, but they are extremely over-represented among the rich, and they are spectacularly over-represented among the intelligentsia (i.e. top pundits, columnists, bloggers).

My theory is that as a nomadic people, Jews were considered outsiders in whatever society they joined, so they had trouble winning the hearts of the tribal locals directly, thus they evolved an ability to win the minds of the leaders of these societies and creatively change the culture.  Thus Jews who were really good at making verbal arguments and abstract theories disproportionately survived, making Jews especially good at creating social movements and shaping the narrative and the national debate, in whatever country they enter.

Lastly, where are all the Asians?  Despite an above average IQ, East Asian Americans are under-represented in all three forms of power, but they are least under-represented in wealth, probably because in the ice age, they evolved to compete for resources instead of mates, but being highly evolved. their low testosterone and low psychopathy may impede their success in many domains.

South Asian Americans are under-represented among the super-popular, but slightly over-represented among the intelligentsia, and proportionately represented among the super-rich.  So on balance, they are neither over or under represented among America’s super elites.  It’s surprising that they’re not doing a lot better since by some estimates their IQs are as high as American Jews, and their work ethic is probably even higher. Perhaps their extremely dark and hirsute complexions, combined with an easily mocked accent and exotic culture creates barriers to their success in America, and unlike blacks, they don’t have as much charisma and affirmative action to compensate.

Another possibility is that although Indian Americans may have a high average IQ, they might not have much cognitive variability since these immigrants were so highly selected from India’s IQ distribution. If their IQ distribution is both high and homogeneous, it would explain why Indians are over-represented among the moderately successful, but not over-represented among the spectacularly successful