I found an article about the most overrated Geniuses of all time, written by a blogger called itsnobody. One of them is Bill Gates. I think if people are talking about computer Genius, it’s likely that Gates is overrated, but I don’t think he’s overrated as a business Genius. Unfortunately a lot of people have trouble recognizing Genius outside of academia.

Another person listed as overrated is Albert Einstein. I’ve always been a huge fan of Einstein so to see him on this list was extremely painful, however if Einstein was overrated, it would help explain why his brain was allegedly so much smaller than you would expect for the greatest Genius of the 20th century.

The reason given for claiming Einstein is overrated:

many people think his ideas were original, but they were not. Einstein seems to have gotten a lot of his ideas directly from Michael Faraday, who Einstein was a fan of. Faraday who is ignored in the media tried to unify gravity with other forces long before Einstein. Faraday had long emphasized his belief that everything was unified as one (magnetism, light, gravity, etc…) primarily because of his religion. The main difference between Einstein’s ideas and Faraday’s is that Einstein added in the space-time dimension, but this idea is not original either since it had already appeared in science fiction novels.

I kind of think the whole concept of overrated Genius is oxymoronic, because being overrated is itself a form of Genius. Even if Einstein was overrated in terms of his scientific output, he was certainly a Genius at self-promotion to have gone down in history as the poster boy for Genius. Indeed the less of a Genius Einstein was in physics, the more of a marketing Genius he must have been to be remembered as one.