In honor of this glorious Canada Day, I will estimate the IQ of one of the greatest Canadians of all time and a man who was kind enough to speak to me whenever I phoned: The brilliant J. Philippe Rushton.

Rushton’s utter genius was taking the r-K evolutionary model used in the animal kingdom, and applying it to the much smaller variation between modern human races.  He elegantly lumped virtually all of humanity into just 3 races, and found that on dozens of different physical, sexual, and behavioral variables, Mongoloids and Negroids averaged at opposite extremes, and Caucasoids were in the middle.  Further, he cleverly mapped this pattern to molecular genetics and resurrected the ancient idea of progress in nature: DNA evidence showed that Negroids were the first to branch off the human evolutionary tree and Mongoloids were the last, making them the new and improved race in Rushton’s mind.

A man of astonishing scientific creativity, he created a nice, simple, elegant theory.  He was a brilliant writer who expressed himself eloquently and wrote an extremely well organized book that the great Arthur Jensen described as the most brilliant of its kind in the worldwide literature.  Scholar Richard Lynn raved that if there were any justice, Rushton would win the Nobel Prize.

About 10% of whites in America are openly racialist.  Assuming 10% of all the World’s 976 million whites, are racialist, then there are about 98 million white racialists on the planet.  Assuming Rushton is the most academically accomplished of them all, he’s 5.6 standard deviations above the white racialist mean in academic accomplishment (normalizing the distribution of course).

Assuming IQ and academic accomplishment correlate 0.65, Rushton’s expected IQ would be 0.65(5.6 SD) = 3.64 SD above the white racialist mean.

Assuming white racialists have somewhat low IQs (perhaps a mean of 93 with an SD of 15), then Rushton’s expected IQ would be 3.64(15) + 93 = 148.  To put that number in perspective, the average human has an IQ around 90.  The average American has an IQ around 97.  The average U.S. college grad has an IQ around 110.  The average Harvard student has an IQ around 122.  The average U.S. president has an IQ around 130.  Rushton towered like an intellectual giant above the most elite people in society.  Is it any wonder he was the Darwin of the 20th century?  A rare original thinker.

I found youtubes of Rushton on the Phil Donahue show.  Donahue was the unbeatable champion of daytime talk shows, until Oprah came out of nowhere in 1986 and brilliantly dethroned him, practically overnight.  Looking at this video, I can’t help but wonder why a man as liberal as Donahue would give Rushton’s racialist views such a prestigious and powerful platform.  I fear that deep down, Donahue was hoping Rushton would convince the audience that blacks were genetically inferior, and this would cause them to stop watching rival Oprah and watch only Donahue instead.

Indeed while Rushton was invited to appear on several shows, big brained Oprah may have been smart enough to know it was not in her ethnic genetic interests to have such an eloquent polished brilliant calm racialist on, and so she and Rushton would never meet.  Much wiser to have on a more typical seemingly low IQ racialist who she immediately checkmated with her “monkey business” pun: