One of the great ironies about race and IQ is that the people who are most likely to believe races differ in IQ, average lower IQs.  But that’s not because we’re wrong.  It’s because the racial cognitive hierarchy is so obvious that any idiot can see it’s there, but only non-idiots have the creativity to credibly deny it.

The media and academia are constantly promoting multiculturalism and these elites may make more of an effort to brainwash high IQ people because they’re the future elites.  Little effort is made to convince low IQ whites to embrace multiculturalism because it doesn’t matter what they think; and indeed allowing low IQ whites to dwell in racialism further stigmatizes it as low class, which is exactly what the intelligentsia wants.  Further, low IQ whites might be harder to brainwash anyway because they don’t have enough brains to wash.

Another reason why white racialists may have lower IQs is that focusing on racial IQ differences shows a lack of compassion for low IQ races, and such coldness may indicate low IQ, because if the emotional part of your brain is lacking, the cognitive part of your brain is probably lacking too, because the brain is all one organ.  I’ve previously discussed this scene from The Iron Lady which tried to link Margaret Thatcher’s lack of compassion for the poor to the onset of dementia, showing her go on a hysterical rant against the less fortunate:

Also, if you believe in ethnic genetic interests (and my good friend JayMan is embroiled in yet another controversy this week for denying them), then we have a natural impulse to dehumanize other races and tribes, and low IQ people seem worse at resisting evolutionary impulses (i.e. overeating, sex), so they should be more conservative on race too.

Polls suggest that about 10% of whites openly believe that whites are more intelligent than blacks.  So the median white racialist is in the top 5% of racial conservatism (+1.66 standard deviations on a normalized curve).  Assuming a -0.3 correlation between IQ and conservatism, we should expect white racialists to average -0.3(1.66 SD) =   -0.5 SD from the white mean IQ of 100, or roughly IQ 93.  I find it interesting that this is almost exactly the IQ of whites in South Africa, so it seems that extremely tribal whites score about half a dozen points lower than average whites.

A similar pattern can be seen with Ashkenazi Jews.  Those in Israel are more openly tribal, and score 7 points lower than those in America, who are very racially liberal.

I doubt this pattern would extend to blacks.  Because blacks are underdogs, racial pride among blacks is a liberal value and thus possibly correlated with high IQ.  Louis Farakkhan probably has a very high IQ, and tragically, high IQ among blacks seems to cause a lot of racial rage against more powerful races likes whites, Indians, East Asians and especially Jews:

By contrast, low IQ blacks are easily domesticated, happily believe they are racially inferior, and genuflect to more powerful and more intelligent races.  This is unfortunate because we need more high blacks to embrace HBD because they can only help their people if they understand the problem.  Commenter Lion of the Judah-Sphere (a high IQ educated black) is leading the way in this regard, even thinking about creating a high IQ black sperm bank.