As a horror fan who has run out of interesting atmospheric horror films to watch, I’ve been increasingly drawn to radio shows and podcasts by members of the alt right.  As a horror fan, I am fascinated by the alt right intellectuals, because for some reason hyper educated brilliant white people expressing tribal views gives me the creeps.  I think it’s because we associate white educated intellectuals with liberalism, and we associate tribalism with uneducated skin heads or primitive races, so to see a super high IQ white PhD eloquently talk about his racial interests makes my skin crawl in terror.

What struck me as I listened to this interview below is this guy being interviewed just sounds like your typical high IQ yuppie, liberal Berkley professor or SWPL as they call it in our circles…the kind of guy you would meet at Starbucks…and yet he has these unbelievably radical racial views.

It’s really absolutely terrifying because if someone this SWPL can have such tribal views, then any SWPL can.  Your professor can, your liberal father can, your hippie son can, your best friend can, your neighbor can (and maybe they secretly do)!  People like JayMan and HBD Chick think Northwest Europeans are genetically inclined to be universalist, and that might be partly true, but it’s not entirely true, otherwise the media, academia, and intelligentsia would not have to work so hard to train them to think politically correctly, but my God, when these SWPLs start reverting to primitive tribalism, it’s absolutely shocking the things they say.

All it will take is for one white billionaire to start thinking in a tribal way and encouraging his co-ethnics to do the same and I predict we are going to see the creation of a white nationalist state sometime in this century, because Northwest Europeans can be tribal too, and once they awaken to their ethnic genetic interests (if you believe in those), Western society will change radically.  I hope I don’t live to see it.