Blogger JayMan (a member of the HBD 23) achieved his 200th blog post yesterday. In honor of the occasion, I will post commenter Lion of the Judah-Sphere’s strong praise for JayMan:

…I think Jayman has the best HBD blog of all time. I didn’t discover his blog until last summer, but it has consistently, in my opinion, provided the most comprehensive understanding of the relationship between genetics and human culture (which is just a byproduct of genes). His series on the American Nations is truly brilliant, and totally revolutionized my understanding of American history and culture. And he cuts through a lot of the bullshit spouted by both conservatives and liberals by remaining as objective as one can possibly be. The downfall of some HBD bloggers is that they like to claim genetics are the cause of everything…except when they don’t want it to be. I think it’s funny when HBD conservatives claim that genes are the cause of all of black people’s failures- but want to ascribe cultural reasons whenever white groups or individuals fail…Oh, and Jayman also introduced me to the role of pathogens in human behavior. Truly a brilliant writer. …Also, both he and HBD Chick lead the way in discussing HBD topics outside of IQ.

However like any influential person who truly challenges us to think differently, JayMan has generated controversy, most notably, he was criticized by the HBD intelligentsia for claiming that Ethnic Genetic Interests don’t exist. Ethnic Genetic Interests are just the notion that favoring your own race, tribe or ethnicity is an evolved strategy for replicating genes. I personally think EGI is very plausible for very simple reasons I explained here and here, but I’m not going to say JayMan is wrong to dismiss it because there hasn’t been enough research to prove or debunk EGIs. I have no idea why JayMan believes what he believes, but it’s fun to come up with highly speculative theories (no offense intended):

1) As a racial minority, it is not in JayMan’s ethnic genetic interests to promote ethnic genetic interests because if people believe they have them, this could cause Whites to become less altruistic towards all racial minorities. Now I don’t think JayMan is aware that EGI is motivating his ant-EGI views, but ethnic genetic interests often operate at the subconscious level, like genetic whispers, guiding us in very subtle ways to advance our ethnic cause. On the other hand, if JayMan were controlled by his EGI, he probably wouldn’t be an HBDer in the first place, and JayMan is uniquely willing to allow criticism of his own people, unlike a lot of White, Indian, East Asian and Jewish HBDers who suddenly reject HBD theories the second it finds faults in their own people.

2) A more important reason why JayMan rejects EGI might be that he recently became a father. This probably makes JayMan feel like a Darwinian Alpha winner because he has passed on his genes, and this is a great source of personal pride and accomplishment. Now if EGI is real, it means that even some omega loser virgin can be a Darwinian winner by advancing their EGI which diminishes JayMan’s biological accomplishment.

3) As a black HBDer, JayMan may secretly feel guilty, fearing that he is betraying his race, and the notion of EGI may amplify that guilt by suggesting we evolved to be racially loyal. Well JayMan has nothing to feel guilty about regardless of whether EGI is true or false. He should feel proud that he is following truth, logic and empiricism wherever it may lead. People have this strange idea that if something evolved and confers Darwinian fitness, it is somehow virtuous. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rape confers Darwinian fitness, yet is one of the most disgusting acts a man can do. The most intelligent among us resist our primitive Darwinian impulses for nobler more abstract pursuits.