When I was in the 7th grade I had a super intelligent teacher. She told the class that very few people could beat her at the board game Trivial Pursuit…when the teachers would play Trivial Pursuit in the staff room virtually no one could ever beat her. “I have the type of brain that can absorb, A LOT of information” she explained. Unlike other teachers who were so fearful of my IQ tests that they would walk the other direction when they saw me coming, this teacher wanted to be tested, she asked for it. She just had this “bring it on” confidence that only the most intelligent people have, because she knew so few questions could ever stump her.

Not only was she super smart but she was RICH. Years later a friend and I would go looking for her house and we were stunned. All our lives the other kids would tell us we were rich because we lived in the suburbs, but not until we found this teacher’s house did we know what real money looked like.

At the time I was TERRIBLE student; failing every single class except English where I was getting perfect grades. Me and this other blond girl I had a crush on since the 4th grade were both failing virtually everything. When we spoke to the drama teacher about this, she said to the blond girl “Why are you failing? Are you stupid? When God was giving out brains, you thought he said trains and asked for a slow one?”

Then she turned to me and said, “Why are you failing? You’re not stupid.”

Even though she only had me for drama class, she could see the intelligence shining through, because my ideas for skits were always better than my classmates and would have the class roaring with laughter with my impersonations of other teachers. So she could see the intelligence but she could also see I had something else. That X factor. You can’t teach it, you can’t measure it, but some people just have it.

I feel very sorry for all the super smart people who don’t have the X factor because they spend their whole lives bitter that they never achieved the success their IQs might imply and often become extreme liberals.

One day this teacher told the class that I was going to be VERY successful. She said I wouldn’t do well in school because school doesn’t suit me, “but once he gets out, he’s going to be VERY successful…In whatever field he decides to go into…Very successful..and make lots and lots of money”

As a 12 year old kid I was deeply affected by having this brilliant wealthy woman publicly predict my destiny. She was one of several teacher who predicted amazing things in my future. Now in my thirties, I feel the thirties are the decade for getting really really really rich. The twenties are for having fun, and in your twenties you have the raw intelligence to get rich, but not the wisdom. In your forties, you have the wisdom, but much of the energy and raw intelligence starts to go, especially if you abuse alcohol and drugs. The thirties are the sweet spot for success. Oprah got rich in her thirties: