The wildly popular Robert Lindsay has posted Dylann Roof’s manifesto. Roof does not appear to be a White nationalist because he considers East Asians to be a superior race and he considers Jews to be white. White nationalists have been breathing a sigh of relief that this evil terrorist is not one of them.

I’d hate to agree with such evil scum as Dylann Roof, but Jews are White, although they do have certain genetic diseases that distinguish them from other Whites, and the IQ gap between Whites (IQ 99) and Ashkenazi Jews (IQ 110) is larger than the IQ gap between Whites and Arabs (Arab IQ is probably 90 with First World nutrition), and IQ is arguably the most important genetic trait, so I’m not sure where you draw the line between White and non-White. Jews don’t just have much higher intelligence than other Whites, it’s a different kind of intelligence from any other humans on Earth; some combination of verbal IQ, social IQ, business IQ, and insightful creativity. They are absolutely brilliant at creating social movements on both the political left and right. In fact commenter Mugabe has argued that the very framing of left and right is Jewish.

In fact it’s almost impossible to have a social movement without a Jewish person brilliantly gravitating to the top of it and radically improving it in some way with some new abstract theory. I even see this in the HBD-o-sphere and the alt-right blogosphere (areas where you would not expect Jews to be). The latest example is Rachel Haywire who has been challenging alt-righters to radically change the way they think and gentiles have been following her ideas in droves, and not because they worship Jews (they don’t), but because Jews just come up with theories that change the way we think. They are almost like magical beings. While other races create concrete things, Jews create abstract theories, ideologies, ways of seeing the world differently. They invent the intellectual framework, the verbal categories.

It seems Jews endured an incredible amount of natural selection in the last 1000 years or so, enough to raise their IQs some 15 points above the white-middle eastern hybrids they’re descended from, and create this very unique kind of intelligence. That much evolution in such a short span of time is unimaginable.

In some ways Jews are so unique one could almost argue there are only two human races: Jews and non-Jews. And then the non-Jewish race could be divided into 3 subraces: Negroids, Caucasoids and Mongoloids.