It’s long been claimed that racists have low IQs, and that’s probably true if you define racism as hatred of blacks. But if you expand the definition of racism to include other races, it’s probably not as true.

Racists probably have low IQs for three reasons:

1) They’re tribal. If you believe in ethnic genetic interests, then we are programmed by evolution to hate other races, and low IQ people would be least able to resist their evolutionary programming. By contrast high IQ people can think abstractly and thus question their impulses.

2) They overgeneralize: One black person mugs them, and suddenly all black people are bad. This kind of simplistic over-generalization is a sign of low IQ, kind of like how the retarded Jason from the Friday the 13th films killed all teenagers because one teenaged girl killed his mother.

3) They’re conservative: Conservatism is a sign of low IQ. That doesn’t necessarily mean conservatism is wrong, it could mean that conservatism is so obviously right that even idiots embrace it, while it takes quite a bit of (misguided) thought to reject it.

Now point number of three is where it gets tricky. Not all forms of racism are conservative. If we define conservative as siding with the rich and powerful against the poor and disenfranchised, then anti-black racism is definitely conservative, because for the most part, blacks are the most poor and powerless race on Earth.

But if you’re racist against White people, or racist against Indian Americans, or Asian Americans, or Ashkenazi Jews, this might actually be a liberal and thus high IQ view; indeed the most disgustingly anti-Semitic people are often Marxists or anti-Israel leftists.

So it’s not so much that IQ is negatively correlated with racism, but rather IQ is correlated with the amount of wealth and power of the people you are racist against. So someone with an extremely low IQ would be racist against the black pygmies of the Congo; the most poor and powerless people on Earth. Someone with an even lower IQ might pick on populations even less powerful like dogs or cats.

However the major flaw with high IQ is it seems to put people at risk for antisemitism because Ashkenazi Jews have great wealth and power. Low IQ people tend not to be antisemites unless they’re in a culture where it’s brainwashed into them like the Muslim World, or raised by skinheads, because 1) low IQ people lack the facial pattern recognition to even tell who is Jewish and who is not, since the Jewish phenotype is much less obvious in Western countries than the black phenotype, and 2) Jewish behavior is very subtle and sophisticated, so low IQ people can’t even tell if a Jewish person does something wrong because it’s way above their head. By contrast black misbehavior is much more obvious and concrete (i.e. mugging).

Now if Jewish ancestry is a sign of high IQ, and sadly if antisemitism is a sign of high IQ, and if Jews are almost never antisemites, then the very rare and tragic people who are genuine self-hating Jews are probably the smartest type of racist of all, just because it would be statistically so rare to be both a Jew and an anti-semite, unless both traits were reflecting your IQ. Self-hating Jews are the mirror image of self-hating blacks who are probably the dumbest type of racist.

And of course all racism is evil, regardless of whether it’s a sign of high or low IQ.