Both are examples of low IQ groups that seem like they have high IQs because we only see the smart ones. Largely the best and brightest Indians (like Deepak Choprah) come to the United States, so Indian Americans tower with an average IQ of 110 (Ashkenazi Jewish level!), even though the IQ of India is only 82 (about 92 if they improved nutrition).

Similarly only the best and brightest gays (like Santoculto and Misdreavus!) come out of the closet, so openly gay people have above average IQs, even though the average IQ of all gays is likely well below that of straights.

In fact there have been studies using phallometric measurements that find the more attracted a man is to his own sex, the lower his IQ. There are three possible reasons I can think of us for the low IQ of gays:

1) whatever prenatal events alter the sexuality of the developing fetus brain, also alter its IQ

2) gayness is linked to high fraternal birth order, and high birth order is linked to lower IQ

3) In my groundbreaking theory (which other people on the internet are stealing from me) gay genes spread by causing conservatism, and since conservatism often requires lower IQ, gay genes may require low IQ genes to spread.