I’ve always though the Iraq war was a major test of intelligence and integrity since it changed the trajectory of American history and was arguably the worst mistake Americans ever made. If you opposed the Iraq war before it began, as Obama did, that showed good judgement, but far left liberals tended to oppose it whether they were intelligent or not.

Once the war began, if you opposed Obama pulling out the troops when he did, that showed good judgement, but conservatives tended to oppose the troop withdrawal whether they were intelligent or not.

One of the few people who got Iraq right on both decisions is gazillionaire turned reality TV star turned presidential candidate Donald Trump, reminding us that money and IQ tend to go together, even in the most unlikely of cases.

Of course the ultra-high IQ neoconservative intelligentsia hates Trump, probably because he comes across as an alpha male philistine, and probably also because he perhaps can’t be controlled:

Trump also said today he could get along with Putan. The ultra high IQ neoconservative intelligentsia hates Putin.