Commenter JS wrote:

So why do the Ashkenazis in Israel have a significant lower average IQ?

Since PP likes to make up a lot of theories, I think high IQ groups (Whites, Euro Jews and East Asians) are smarter in the United States, because of its nurture (the dysfunctionality and competitiveness) that overrides their inherent nature. Unless someone can prove that Whites and East Asians have relatively the same average IQ in America and their native countries.

Unlike Northwest Europeans and East Asians, Ashkenazi Jews score higher in the United States than they do in their home country, and not just by a little, but by half a standard deviation (IQ 110 vs 103). I have previously argued that people in the Middle East are malnourished enough to be functioning at 6 points below their genetic potential, but I don’t think this applies to Ashkenazi Israelis because Israel is rich country and Ashkenazi Jews are an elite within that country.

Of course some of the Arab countries are quite rich yet still have IQs far lower than you’d expect for Caucasoid populations (even non-white ones), so my theory is that being a rich country is not enough for good nutrition, you also need to get the vitamins into the food and onto the grocery store shelves for pregnant women to eat, and you also need to make sure sanitation and drinking water is impeccable to avoid nutrient suppressing health problems. The U.S. was an incredibly rich country in the 1980s, yet as the brilliant Steve Sailer noted, white Americans were shorter in the 1980s than they are today, suggesting nutrition was still inferior to 21st standards, so it’s possible that Ashkenazi Israelis are like Ashkenazi Americans in the 1980s (who probably had shorter height, lower IQ, and smaller brains, than today’s Ashkenazi Americans).

As nutrition boosted brain size and neurological development, it might have made young Askenazi Americans more open-minded than their less nourished grandparents, and less nourished Israeli cousins. So open-minded that the younger generation of Ashkenazi Americans was pro-Obama, even though his middle name was Hussein (the last name of Saddam who was a major enemy of Israel). Watch as adorable Ashkenazi comic Sarah Silverman tries to convince older Jews to vote Obama:

Now contrast this with the young Jews in Israel who often hate Obama. Not all are Ashkenazi of course (some look a bit how I picture commenter Santoculto):

Also, Orly Taitz is from Israel and is so anti-Obama she’s been nicknamed the Queen of the Birthers:

Of course IQ is not the only reason, or even the main reason why younger Jews and Americans Jews are much more pro-Obama than older Jews and Israeli Jews, but it might be one factor given the correlation between IQ and liberalism.

Also nutrition might not be a factor in explaining the IQ difference between Ashkenazis in America vs Israel. It could be genetic, as Richard Lynn has argued that some of the most intelligent Ashkenazis in Europe saw the threat of Nazi Germany early and had the resources and resourcefullness to migrate to the United States. Perhaps American Jews then had the IQ and clout to help set up Israel as a place for the Jews who weren’t able to migrate to the U.S..