According to scientist JP Rushton, Orientals are the new and improved race, having branched off Caucasoids in a superior form very recently. I believe that if you made a list of the absolute smartest people in the World, those with IQs of 190+. 100% of that list would be Oriental. All races except Orientals completely vanish at 190+ IQ. And just as the physically fastest people on Earth are 100% blacks, 100% of the fastest reaction times on Earth would belong to Orientals.

2 year old Oriental girl solves a Rubik’s cube:

Not only are their brains larger, they’re faster. Oriental woman talking at rapid speed:

Despite slower movement, and smaller weaker bodies, the large fast brain also gives Orientals incredible fighting abilities.  If civilization and technology ever crumbles and humans are reduced to a stone age Darwinian race war, Orientals could easily obliterate other races as this videos show:

Indeed the best fighter of all time was Oriental:

Bruce Lee