Commenter Cale asked:

I am not judging you Pumpkin but what do you like in these movies ?

It’s a real question, I really want to know the answer.

If you think about it, it’s not terribly surprising that an HBDer should be a horror fan. I used to boast that I was one of the few HBDers who was motivated by the science and had no political bias. While it’s true I have no political bias (I’m actually one of the least political people I know; I don’t even vote), I’m not entirely motivated by the science.

I’m also motivated by the childhood love of horror I never outgrew. It’s not that I’m racist, but I’m like a casting director who says “you know those Orientals would be perfect as the genetically superior race” and “those blacks would be perfectly cast as the primitive hyper-sexual aggressive race”. So just as horror fans don’t hate the characters in a horror movie, I have nothing but love for all human races, but I’m fascinated when different different races get reduced to grotesque stereotypes, because as a horror fan, it makes for macabre imagery.

So you have the genetically superior big brained Oriental:

The obsequious Indian:

The ape-like blacks:

The native American savage:

The animalistic arab:

The manipulative Jew:

Virtually every racial stereotype could be its own horror film. Is it any surprise that a horror fan would be drawn to HBD?