According to scholar J.P. Rushton, there are at least 3 major races: Negroids, Caucasoids, and Mongoloids.  There is enormous diversity within all of these races, but Mongoloids tend to rank highest on all the more advanced traits: brain size, IQ, law abidingness, mental stability, while Negroids rank highest on the primitive traits: genitalia size, breast and buttocks size, testosterone, athleticism, musical rhythm, personality, while Caucasoids are intermediate on all traits.  Rushton mapped his ranking onto molecular genetics, showing Negroids branched off the human evolutionary tree prematurely (200,000 years ago), followed by Caucasoids (110,000 years ago), and lastly Mongoloids (41,000 years ago).  Rushton argued that evolution is progressive and some populations are more advanced than others: Mongoloids > Caucasoids > Negroids.

Although Rushton limited most of his analysis to East Asians, Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans, I think virtually all of humanity can be lumped into one of his 3 main races, as I did in this pie chart (all numbers in millions)

Now the Mongoloid race includes some lower IQ groups such as Southeast Asians (genetic IQ 96?), the Pacific Islanders (genetic IQ 94?), the Arctic people(genetic IQ 91?), and the Native Americans (genetic IQ 89?) but since the vast majority of Mongoloids are the genetically superior Orientals (genetic IQ 105?), the entire Mongoloid race has a mean genetic IQ of 102.

Now the Caucasoid race can be divided into whites (Europeans and their descendants) and non-white Caucasoids (the people from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, the Gulf States, the Near East, Turkey, and North Africa).  While the entire white population likely has an average genetic IQ of 99, I estimate that non-white Caucasoids have an average genetic IQ of 90.  Since the vast majority of Caucasoids are non-white, the average genetic IQ for the entire Caucasoid race would be 93 (9 points below Mongoloids).

Lastly there are the Negroids.  I would divide the Negroids into 3 main subraces: The Congoids (genetic IQ 80?), the Capoids (who Richard Lynn lumps together with the pygmies) (genetic IQ 67?), and the Australoids (genetic IQ 73?).  Although the Australoids show great (neutral) genetic distance from sub-Saharan Africans, I would still classify them as Negroid because they have genetically preserved the phenotype of black Africa, especially in places like the Andaman islands.  Since virtually all Negroids are Congoids who have an estimated genetic potential of IQ 80, the entire Negroid race probably has a genetic IQ of 80, 13 points below the entire Caucasoid race, and 22 points below the entire Mongoloid race.