In South Africa, Whites average IQ 94, Indians average IQ 86, Coloureds average IQ 83, and Blacks average IQ 65. Perhaps because of malnutrition, Whites in South Africa are 6 points below their genetic IQ of 100 (i.e. the IQ they would have had if reared in the First World). By contrast, the more severe malnutrition of post-apartheid leaves Blacks scoring 15 points below their genetic IQ of 80.

I suspect Indians in South Africa live in environments similar to whites and thus are also 6 points below their genetic potential. This gives Indians a genetic IQ of 86 + 6 = 92.

Earlier I estimated Indians have a genetic IQ of 86, but this is too close to the black genetic IQ of 80. Indians feel superior to blacks and Indians are to blacks as Ashkenazi Jews are to gentile whites in the sense that they dominate them entrepreneurially to the point where Idi Amin through them out of Uganda. Similarly gentile whites get hostile to Ashkenazi Jews for dominating Western businesses and media.

So if Ashkenazi Jews are genetically 10 IQ points smarter than white gentiles, Indians should be genetically about 10 points higher than pure blacks. Of course not all of the economic superiority of Indians and Jews can be explained by high IQ; a lot of it can be explained by superior social organization and networking.

My celebrity friend Robert Lindsay is a big critic of India, and he explains why here.