One of my most prolific commenters is a Brazilian hybridized white named Santoculto, who I imagine looks something like this:

When he first started posting on my blogs about a year ago, I couldn’t understand a word he said, but thanks to reading me on a daily basis, his English has improved enormously. Unfortunately not much else has. Although I don’t generally moderate comments, I have set up the blog to flag aggressively bizare behavior, and boy did his comment yesterday get flagged. He begins by trying to minimize my childhood precocity as a function of mere energy, not talent:

I understand very well what you said. You just have higher energy, for example, to importune Rushton.
Take it from your head my freund, iq doesn’t make anyone instantaneously a ”genius”. You are like most of ”modern expert” today, because you don’t know and seems no have capacity to develop the conceptual basis of ”iq-science”, firstly, the intelectual basis of iq (verbal-abstract), the subject who you are studying since 11,12 years.

He then compares IQ testing to beauty contests:

Iq is like ”measure” the beauty level in a miss universe contest. Miss Uass have 130 of BQ (beauty quotient), Miss Namibia ( Rhina Van der Tess =) have 150 of BQ. Why not a miss or mister universe IQ contest** No doubt that would so ridiculous than miss universe’s contest.

You are the worst Napoleon Soldier because you have higher energy and higher stupidity even if you clearly isn’t a classical average joey. My theory about hypothetical % of ”smartness” and ”stupidity” in a individual level is right.

He then throws his own parents under the bus:

My parents are very intelligent. My mother is a grammar portuguese specialist, my father is strenght in engineer and entrepeneur…. but, they AREN”T smart, they have higher TECHNICAL (and not INTELECTUAL) and QUANTITATIVE intelligence, what iq express…. father yuppie, son hippie. Real politics, they never touch… High culture** nope. Philosophy** No,no…

What is the advantage to have a tower that touch the sky and people yet live in extreme poverty or in very dumb discussions in ”mainstream debates”******

He then claims my expertise means nothing and I have no understanding

If you are a expert in iq (and not in intelligence, real things) then you are expert in nothing, but even to understand ”iq” you no have capacity, sorry because i’m saying this things for you but someone need to do the devil’s advocate here and most people in your blog are completely paired with your point of views.

He then talks about commenter Mugabe:

Mugabe say many interesting things, in my not humble opinion, specially about politics, REAL politics (and not ”what is the iq of senator Hernandez”), but he’s incapable to explain a clean way your theories. Theories seems that deny racial natural ”inequalities” or differences**

And then compares him to commenter Swank:

Swanky is a classical higher intelectualized but extremely abstratized (left wing) person with higher intelligence but without capacity to understand ”common core”, because he or she despise it as ”popular opinions” and because he or she have a personal political agenda, all this predispositions which are natural for him.

My father is one of the most conformist person that i know. He yet not accept my choice for vegetarian diet lifestyle but i no have doubt that if most people were vegetarian, he would be too.

He then continues to rant against me.


Your obsession with supposed ”fame” is soo strange, superfluous and unnecessary.

I’ve never seen hbd chick talking about his ”fame”. You are the only one who talks about it all the time as if it were real, important, or to prove something about yourself. Fame is a infamous word, period.

You seem so desperate to prove his genius, via IQ. Anyway, I just could you advise a good psychologist because I think you are in need of a wise person (a very good psychologist because most seem to be terrible) to give you good advices. And you need to be open to accept this advices.

Anyway, his obsession with his fame is so great that even speculated if you a troll. And I have not dismissed the possibility.

I know that smart and creative people or even when discussing about their ‘gifts”, also showed talent in other areas, obviously, show what they are smart and or creative.

I do not see where the theory of multiple intelligences is undoubtedly contrary to the g factor or iq.

Cognitive tests as I have spoken from the beginning here, does not measure real FULLY cognitive capacity, because it is based on a static intelligence and skewed in scholastic prospects.

The school is not a faithful representation of human intelligence, although measure many of its attributes and that there are several positive correlations between them. The intelligence does not begin and end at school.

And finalizing, you are not a genius as you think. A just average person with above intelligence, specially technic intelligence. I don’t see creativity, innovation capacity in your job here, just speculations about trivialities and regurgitate the ”hbd” knowledge that Steve Sailer already show us years before. You take the positive statistical correlations found among iq and other social things as absolute truth, sorry, because this confusion is typical between ”stupid” people.



Because English is not his first language, he often uses the term “his” when he means “her” and “his” when he means “your”.  I say this not to insult his English (which is good for a non-English speaker), but to help him & other non-English readers improve it even more.  So “I’ve never seen hbd chick talking about his ‘fame” should be “I’ve never seen hb chick talking about her ‘fame'” since HBD chick is female.

Similarly, “You seem so desperate to prove his genius, via IQ” should say “You seem so desperate to prove your genius, via IQ” since he is talking to me, rather than about me.

I am sorry if my approach here is too simplistic to impress Santoculto, but I love simplicity.  To me saying there’s more to intelligence than IQ is a bit like saying there’s more to a population than the sample of it you poll.  Of course that’s true, but just as you can’t go out and poll every person in a country, only a representative sample, you can’t possibly measure every cognitive function of the mind, only a representative sample.  I believe IQ tests, especially the more holistic ones like the WAIS do a reasonable job sampling the most important cognitive functions in most people, though I do think they could be greatly improved by adding more social cognition (Theory of Mind), Executive Function, and self-awareness (what Santoculto once very brilliantly described as the mother ship of intelligence).