The other day I was talking to my good friend and famous blogger Robert Lindsay, one celebrity to another. Robert Lindsay is a great example of how super smart people can suck at math and not do well on the SAT. He writes:

Yes, I have a genius IQ (over 140) but I have never, I mean never been good at math, especially higher math. And that means algebra and geometry. All of my family except my Dad have or had genius IQ’s, and we are all awful at math. I barely got through Algebra in high school, and I sucked at geometry. My math scores were so poor that they kept me out of the UC system, much to my father’s dismay and anger as he wanted to me to go to UCLA. My sister barely got through Statistics to get her social sciences degree. My SAT scores are not even that great.

According to Lindsay, his 140+ IQ is well authenticated, having been obtained on both the WISC and the WAIS-R (the Wechsler scales are probably the best IQ tests in existence, having g loadings of 0.9+). And you can tell he’s extremely bright because he can write very long interesting posts about many different kinds of topics from psychology, to anthropology to politics. He just knows so much about so much, and general knowledge is one of the strongest signs of IQ. He even looks intelligent with the glasses (myopia is genetically linked to IQ) and the pale skin.

Not only is his IQ extremely high, but it’s extremely lopsided with his social IQ > logic IQ. This is a pattern you see more often in women and blacks than in white or Mongoloid men, and I believe it’s a throwback to a more primitive stage of evolution when humans were more sexual and schizophrenic; less nerdy and autistic. A commenter here felt that Lindsay and I are kind of opposites on this spectrum I describe.

So even though Lindsay wears glasses (a nerdy trait), he has dated many women and is hyper aware of the signals they are sending him. One problem with a high social IQ is having such a strong Theory of Mind makes one perceive minds even where they don’t exist, putting one at risk for believing in God, ghosts, UFOs and Sasquatch, and indeed Lindsay’s blog posts about Bigfoot are wildly popular.

I saw firsthand how acute Lindsay’s social IQ can be when he banned from his blog for so-called “right-wing politics”. This was before I was famous of course. No one would dare ban me now. At the time I decided to sneak back onto his blog pretending to be an old lady. Lindsay immediately saw through the ruse. “NO WAY IS THAT GUY A WOMAN!” he screamed. “NOT IN ANY POSSIBLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”