In this lecture, scholar J.P. Rushton talks about his genetic similarity theory:

The scariest part of the lecture is when Rushton imagines a person who goes around killing anyone who shares his genes.  Those genes would disappear.  Rushton is making the point that if killing people with your genes decreases fitness,  then helping people with your genes enhances fitness.

But the terrifying corollary of Rushton’s argument is that killing people with different genes must enhance your genetic fitness.  This is a powerful reminder that one should never equate evolutionary success with merit and worthiness.  In many ways evolution favors the most evil parts of our nature.

The Lion of the Blogosphere uses the term “beta male rage” which he explains as follows:

The overwhelmingly vast majority of violent crime is committed by thugs.

Beta-male rage is rare, but is on the rise. It happens when a lesser beta male, with no history of violence, criminal behavior or thuggishness, surprises everyone by committing a violent crime.

By a lesser beta male, we mean a male who has below-average success with women. Beta-male-rage crimes are never committed by men with girlfriends or wives.

It’s interesting that beta-male rage is committed by the nerdy kids, but most of the victims are the popular kids and the alpha male jocks.  In light of Rushton’s lecture, beta-male rage might be viewed as an evolutionary strategy.  Those who can’t replicate their genetic prevalence though sexual success, might instead end up increasing their genetic prevalence by decreasing the genetic prevalence of those with different genes (alphas).