I think it’s interesting that the two most influential conservatives of the late 20th century (Ronald Reagan & Margaret Thatcher) both sadly suffered from dementia in later life.  Is this just a coincidence?  There’s been some research linking conservatism to somewhat lower IQ, so perhaps conservatism is a sign that the brain is compromised in some way which may make one more vulnerable to dementia in later life.

On the other hand Margaret Thatcher was obviously extremely bright to have come from nothing to be the most powerful woman in the World in a male dominated field during a time of great sexism; and unlike Hillary and so many other women who rise to power, she was a self-made woman who didn’t have a powerful husband or father to pave the way.  However even extremely high IQ people can have subtle cognitive problems that turn into dementia in old age.

This scene from the movie The Iron Lady implies Thatcher was becoming demented while still in office:

What’s fascinating about the scene is it implies her social IQ was the first to decline.  Had she taken an IQ test at that time she would have likely done very well because she could still recall facts (only one t in the word “poverty”) and unleash a very coherent and articulate tirade, but subtle cognitive problems made her oblivious to how abusive and hysterical she seemed to others and the political harm this would cause her.  These cognitive functions are not well sampled by IQ tests.

Although I thought this was an extremely well acted, well written movie, shame on actress Meryl Streep and writer Abi Morgan for making a movie that focused on Thatcher’s dementia, and one that was released while Thatcher was still alive and suffering.  I suspect both Streep and Morgan are liberals and I fear this was an attempt to diminish one of the most extraordinary women of all time…a way of punishing her for being conservative.  On the other hand the movie was tastefully done and in some ways a sympathetic portrayal.

The person Meryl Streep was born to play is Hillary, but she wont because as a liberal, she wouldn’t want to undermine Hillary with a realistic portrayal.