This is such a sad and touching commercial. The wife is showing signs of Alzheimer’s but her big brained husband is not. It’s so poignant when he says softly “it’s alright baby”. That’s what real love is.

Big brained people not only have higher IQs all their lives, but I believe their IQs shoot up in old age. It’s not that they’re getting smarter,they get dumber in old age like the rest of us; however they get dumber at a slower rate, and since IQ reflects your rank among your age group, and not your absolute intelligence, their IQs must go up. For example, the husband in that commercial could have even more Alzheimer’s plaques and tangles in his brain than she does, but because his brain is so much bigger than hers, it could take decades for the disease to spread through enough of his brain for symptoms to show. By contrast her brain is small enough that only a few plaques and tangles are enough to compromise most of the brain.

I’ve heard of a woman who couldn’t remember where she parked, and when she asked a police officer for her help, he decided she was no longer competent to drive, which I think was a huge overreaction. If you ever forget where you parked, don’t tell anyone. Take a cab home instead.