In a previous post, I noted that genetically India is a mix of non-white caucasoids (genetic IQ 90?) and australoids (genetic IQ 73?).  Based on this you would think India would have a genetic IQ of 82, however even with widespread malnutrition keeping folks below their genetic potential, India already averages 82, so India’s genetic potential must be much higher than 82.

But how can India be genetically smarter than 82, when 82 is the average of its parent races?  Because the australoid aboriginals of India were probably much smarter than the autsraloids of Australia.  I had wrongly assumed that since Australian aboriginals have a genetic IQ of 73, then India’s australoid aboriginals likely had a genetic IQ of 73 too, but there’s a huge difference between the two.

Sometime after agriculture was invented 10,000 years ago in the Middle East, there was a population explosion, that gave rise to all kinds of new mutations.  This is discussed in the book The 10,000 year explosion.  I’ve argued that these mutations seems to have raised the IQs of everyone in and around the Middle East by about 13 points.  This explains why East Asians (genetic IQ 105?) are about 13 points smarter than Arctic people (genetic IQ 91?) despite both being cold adapted Mongoloids and why congoids (genetic IQ 80?) are 13 IQ points smarter than capoids (genetic IQ 67?) despite both being Negroids.

The East Asians border the Middle East so they had exposure to 13 point boost.  The Arctic people (and Native Americans) were isolated so the new mutations never reached them.

Similarly, the congoids roughly bordered the Middle East so had access to the 13 point boost.  The capoids were deep in Southern Africa and did not.

We can extend the same logic to the australoid aboriginals of India.  The Indian subcontinent borders the Middle East thus had access to the 13 point IQ boost.  The australoid aboriginals of Australia were isolated way over in Australia so they did not.

So if the australoids of Australia have a genetic IQ of 73, then the australoids of India probably had a genetic IQ of 73 + 13 = 86.

So when these australoids with a genetic IQ of 86 mixed with the non-white caucasoids (genetic IQ 90), they produced a population with a mean genetic IQ of 88.  However malnutrition seems to have dragged India’s current IQ down to 82 (6 points (0.4 SD) below its genetic ability).

One might wonder why India’s IQ is not lower still given the severe malnutrition.  One possibility is that the malnutrition (while terrible) is not nearly as bad as in sub-Saharan Africa.  For example, The Daily Mail claims young men in India are 174 cm tall which is only about 0.54 SD shorter than American young men.  Perhaps nutrition is stunting their height and IQ to similar degrees.