Many years ago, I noticed that IQ was correlated with a great many physical and demographic traits such as head size, height, income, education, etc. This gave me the idea of trying to estimate peoples’ IQs based on bio-demographics. A member of Prometheus society brilliantly suggested that “multiple regression” would be the classic application for my idea, and he also suggested that I use religiosity as one of the demographic traits.

Well it turns outs psychologists have been using demographic traits like education and occupation to estimate premorbid IQ in people suspected of dementia for years, but they don’t include biological traits except for race. I thought it would be interesting to use a wide range of bio-demographic traits so using data from 144 Canadians (age 26 to 76) I created an equation to estimate your IQ. The sample was heavily skewed towards my demographic (Ontario men in their thirties) but the formula might still work on working age North Americans in general.


Start by assuming your IQ is 21.088, and then add or subtract based on the following 30 instructions. Be honest or your estimate will not be accurate.


1. If you graduated from elementary school, add 6.42 points

2. If you graduated from high school, add another 6.42 points

3. If you have a university degree, add another 6.42 points.

4. If you have a graduate degree or attended an elite college or high school, add another 6.42 points.

5. If you both attended an elite college AND have a graduate degree, add yet another 6.42 points.

Head Size

6. Multiply your cranial circumference (in inches) by 2.627 and add the resulting number of points.


7. Multiply your height (in inches) by 0.252 and add the resulting number of points


8. Multiply your weight (in pounds) by 0.0924 and subtract the resulting number of points


9. If you’re less than half-black, add 2.595 points

10. If you’re less than a quarter black and less than a quarter Native American, add another 2.595 points

11. If you’re more than 75% Northeast Asian, or more than 50% Ashkenazi Jewish, add another 2.595 points

12. If you’re more than 75% Ashkenazi Jewish, add yet another 2.595 points

Media preferences

13. Which of the following do you most prefer for entertainment: a) fun TV shows like sitcoms, reality TV, game shows, sports, and popular talk shows, b) intellectual TV shows about science, history or politics, c) fun books like romance novel or thrillers, or d) intellectual books like literary novels or academic texts.  If you chose “a” add 0 points,  if you chose “b” add 3.532 points, if you chose “c”, add 7.064 points, and if you chose “d”, add 10.596 points.


14. If you’re male, subtract 3.907 points


15. Multiply the number of figures in your yearly pre-tax income by 1.094 and add the resulting number of points.  If you’re retired, use your peak earnings, adjusted for inflation. If much of your earnings go into your business or if you’re too rich to have a conventional income, simply divide your individual net worth by ten to approximate your income.


16. If you believe in God, subtract 3.63 points.

17.  If you’re a creationist who does not believe in evolution, subtract another 3.63 points.

Social conservatism

18.  If you’re not pro-immigration, subtract 0.932 points

19. If you’re opposed to immigration, subtract another 0.932 points

20. If you’re not pro-gay marriage, subtract 0.932 points

21. If you’re opposed to gay marriage, subtract another 0.932 points


22. If you’re not pro-legalizing hate literature, subtract 0.932 points

23. If you’re opposed to legalizing hate literature, subtract another 0.932 points

24. If you’re not pro-choice on abortion, subtract 0.932 points

25. If you’re opposed to abortion rights, subtract another 0.932 points


26. If you’re an alcoholic, subtract 2.856 points


27. If you’re a smoker, subtract 2.856 points

And your IQ is…

28. Subtract 100 from all your points

29. Divide by 0.8

30. Add 100