It might be strange to ask why India’s IQ is so high, since its average IQ of 82 is actually quite below the world average of 90, and far lower than expected from the incredible intelligence of Indian Americans.  But based on India’s genetics and nutrition level, one might expect a much lower IQ.  For India is home to some of the most primitive people in the World.  When humans first left Africa some 70,000 years ago, not everyone evolved into a Mongoloid or even a Caucasoid, some just camped out on the warm beaches of India and genetically preserved the ancient phenotype of proto-Negroids.

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These non-African Negroids became known as the australoids and I estimate they have a genetic IQ of 73 (the lowest genetic IQ of any “non-African” group).  Had the australoids continued to dominate India, it likely never would have progressed much beyond the stone age, let alone become a major civilization and advanced economy, but about 8000 years ago, India started to get invaded by non-white caucasoids and I estimate these have an average genetic IQ of 90.

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It seems India is pretty much an equal mix of primitive australoids (genetic IQ 73) and the more advanced non-white caucasoids (genetic IQ 90) and thus should have an average genetic IQ around 82 (in between both groups).  For example, nature reported:

…researchers showed that most Indian populations are genetic admixtures of two ancient, genetically divergent groups, which each contributed around 40-60% of the DNA to most present-day populations. One ancestral lineage — which is genetically similar to Middle Eastern, Central Asian and European populations — was higher in upper-caste individuals and speakers of Indo-European languages such as Hindi, the researchers found. The other lineage was not close to any group outside the subcontinent, and was most common in people indigenous to the Andaman Islands, a remote archipelago in the Bay of Bengal.

Well India does have an average IQ of around 82, so why am I complaining?  Because 82 is what India’s genetic IQ should be, but given India’s extreme malnutrition, it is likely functioning well below it’s genetic level.  For example, about 45% of South Asia is malnourished, and I estimate that for each percentage of the population that is nutritionally deficient enough to be proclaimed malnourished, the average IQ of the population is lowered by 0.43 IQ points.

So if India’s genetic IQ is 82, it’s phenotypic IQ should be 82 – 19.35 = 63

But we know from actually testing people in India, that India’s average phenotypic IQ is not 63, it’s 82

Or since India’s phenotypic IQ is reportedly 82, that implies it’s genetic IQ should be 82 + 19.35 = 101

But if India is a roughly equal mix of non-white caucasoids and australoids, how could it have a genetic IQ of 101?

How do we resolve the paradox?  One possibility is that South Asia is not nearly as malnourished as reported since the 45% figure is even far higher that sub-Saharan African levels.  Another possibility is that the non-white caucasoids who originally invaded India actually have a much higher genetic IQ than 90.  For example commenter misdreavus asserted that “Middle Eastern populations have also changed visibly since the Ummayyad Caliphate due to miscegenation with black slaves”.    Another reader mentioned  in an email than non-white caucasoids may have had their IQs depressed by the inbreeding of cousin marriages, popular in the Muslim world.

Yet another possibility is that India’s IQ is indeed much lower than reported, but the lower caste, and most tribal low IQ peoples of India are not accessible to psychologists giving IQ tests.