Commenter JS wrote:

Liberals would never respect an East Indian guy, the same with the male members of the East Asian category or a White guy from the right, conservative camp, who are all seen as enemies to the liberal establishment and their legions of black minions. It all really boils down to competition of the higher IQ groups. A lot of these individuals of these groups also dislike blacks, because they are being “propped up” without innate substance.

Liberal whites probably dislike East Asians and also South Asians because their success seemingly confirms the conservative narrative that America is not a racist country and that minorities can succeed if they pull themselves up by their boot straps.

Also, Asians and South Asians are very hard working. Liberals hate hard workers.

Also as JS is perhaps implying, Asians and South Asians compete with white liberals for elite jobs. White liberals prefer their minorities poor and dependent so white liberals can get the ego boost of being their savior. Asians and South Asians don’t need white liberals to save them and white liberals resent it.

Also white liberals probably resent the fact that Asians and South Asians are not liberal enough. Their attitude is probably “us white liberals made it possible for non-whites to even have basic rights. How dare you not vote Democrat with virtual unanimity?”

Making matters worse, as JS implies, a sizable number of Asians and South Asians don’t like blacks. In the case of South Asians, this may be because of the caste system in India which values light skin. But while South Asian racism against blacks is largely cultural, I believe East Asian racism against blacks is genetic. I believe humans evolved to hate people who are genetically distant from themselves because these have fewest of their genes. North East Asians and sub-Saharan Africans are the two most biologically distant peoples on the planet so the two are genetically predisposed to not get along.

But when white liberals see South Asians and East Asians hating on blacks their attitude is “how dare you be racist against blacks! You’re not so white yourself!”

All of these factors create tension between white liberals and East/South Asians.

Here’s a clip of white liberal Michael Moore arguing with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta. You can feel the tension even in how Moore pronounces “Gupta”.

Another example of tension between white liberals and South Asians was when Roseanne Bar was talking to Deepak Choprah on an episode of one of Bill Maher’s talk shows. Roseanne wanted to talk about the economy and Choprah started lecturing about the importance of spirituality. Finally Roseanne barked “everything you just said plus $40 could be buy me a tank of gas!”

It was clear she had no respect for his ancient Indian spiritual wisdom, especially during tough economic times.