Not only is Steve Sailer a brilliant icon who pretty much invented HBD blogging, but he’s got the best commenters of any HBD blog. Don’t get me wrong, we have some excellent commenters here, but at Steve Sailer’s blog it’s just one excellent commenter after another. Unlike other blogs that are populated by naive credulous readers easily manipulated by bloggers with secret agendas, Steve’s readers are intelligent, shrewd, cynical, street-smart and experienced, and don’t fit into neat political categories.

I think the reason Steve Sailer has such quality commenters is that Steve himself is such a quality blogger and often writes lengthy posts that scare away mediocre minds, leaving behind largely smart educated people as his readers.

Also, because Sailer is so iconic, he attracts an enormous number of readers. When you have that many people trying to comment on your blog, you can be very selective about who gets to post.

As my fame continues to grow, I too have become more selective in who gets to post here. I’ve had to get rid of people who frankly didn’t have the intellectual heft to be here, and others who obviously have something wrong with them.