So I’m reading the comment section at Steve Sailer’s blog and I come across a comment by Dave Pinsen stating “…Razib Khan just got Watsoned from his new NYT gig…”

According to Politico:

The New York Times has terminated its contract with one of its new online opinion writers after a Gawker article highlighted the writer’s previous association with racist publications, according to that writer’s Twitter account.

Razib Khan, a science blogger and a doctoral candidate in genomics and genetics at the University of California, Davis, was one of 20 writers who signed contracts with the Times to write for the paper’s online opinion section.

The Times announced its new stable of contributors on Wednesday. Hours later, Gawker’s J.K. Trotter reported that Khan had a “history with racist, far-right online publications.” Khan wrote 68 posts for Taki’s Magazine, a publication founded by a “flamboyantly racist Greek journalist,” Trotter wrote. Khan also wrote a letter to VDARE, “a white nationalist website named after the first white child born in America, in which he discussed [an essay] concerning the threat of the United States becoming “more genetically and culturally Mexican.”

So I guess the New York Times doesn’t believe in free speech (big surprise). Kind of hypocritical though, since the New York Times promoted, popularized, and legitimized the theory that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically more intelligent than Northern Europeans.

I guess the New York Times is okay with racialist ideas, just as long as they’re not favorable to Northern Europeans.