It’s well established that peoples in the Horn of Africa are 60% Negroid, but 40% of their DNA comes from Caucasoids, probably middle easterners who dabbled in sub-Saharan Africa from time to time.

According to scientist Richard Lynn, sub-Saharan Africans have an average IQ of 67 and non-white Caucasoids have an average IQ of 84. One reason these IQs are relatively low is because sub-optimum nutrition probably subtracts 13 IQ points in sub-Saharan Africa and perhaps 6 IQ points in the Arab World, thus the genetic IQ of sub-Saharan Africans and non-white Caucasoids would probably be about 80 and 90 respectively.

Since people in the Horn of Africa are 60% Sub-Saharan and 40% non-white Caucasoid, we’d expect their average genetic IQ to be 0.6(80) + 0.4(90) = 84

But because sub-Saharan malnutrition subtracts 13 IQ points, their phenotypic IQs should be 84 – 13 = 71. And indeed Richard Lynn reports that the average IQ in Ethiopia is exactly 71, 4 points higher than average sub-Saharan, just as HBD would predict.

Further evidence for the superior Horn African IQ comes from commenter JS who wrote the following comment on the Lion’s blog:

This interesting article shows a comparison between the somali vs the nigerian…The somali however has higher future time orientation and is smarter.

One could argue that Horn Africans are to blacks as Ashkenazi Jews are to whites. Horn Africans are black people who are genetically roughly half middle-eastern and smarter than pure blacks. Ashkenazi Jews are white people who are also roughly half middle-eastern and smarter than pure whites.