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Yet schizophrenia is seen as a Jewish disease.


I think schizophrenia is part of a greater trend. Adjusted for intelligence, schizophrenic races seem to do better in America and are more represented at the top. We have black ceos while no Inuits/native Americans/Mexican-Americans in anything influential in business. Mexican/native Americans have contributed little to American culture compared to blacks and have done little to capture American imagination.

A similar dichotamy exists between whites and east asians in America. Technically, east asians are smarter and yet the bamboo ceiling does include a lack of schizophrenia. The funny thing is how Indian Americans have become celebrities in America and yet east Asians haven’t really cracked it yet.

I think there are two reasons why ethnic groups with high rates of schizophrenia do well after controlling for IQ:

1) Schizophrenia is linked to creativity in the sense that both schizophrenics and creatives have impaired latent inhibition, meaning they both struggle to ignore irrelevant thoughts. When a low IQ person has distracting thoughts, he loses contact with reality, but when a high IQ person has distacting thoughts, he can combine them in novel original ways (creativity). Blacks have higher rates of schizophrenia than whites who probably have higher schizophrenia rates than East Asians, which means that low IQ Blacks are more likely to be mental hospitalized than low IQ Whites who are more likely to be mental hospitalized than low IQ East Asians, however it also means that high IQ Blacks are more creative than high IQ Whites who are more creative than high IQ East Asians, as I previously discussed.

2) Schizophrenia in my opinion is linked to social intelligence. Unlike autistics who tend to be socially retarded because they are oblivious to the mental states of other people, schizophrenics are so good at imagining the mental states of others that they even perceive mental states in inanimate objects (i.e. hearing voices, thinking plants are talking to them). However a high IQ person with only mild schizophrenic tendencies will enjoy the benefits of social cognition without losing contact with reality, and thus be potentially quite successful. If you look at the most socially brilliant people in the world (Oprah, Bill Clinton, Charles Manson) they are typically either black, and/or come from lower class homes (demographics associated with schizophrenia).

So Winfred is correct that the lack of schizophrenic tendencies puts East Asians at a disadvantage despite their superior IQs. As we can see from their position on the evolutionary tree below, East Asians are too highly evolved for their own good; they have lost primitive traits like schizophrenia which are useful for creativity and social skills. By contrast, blacks are not evolved enough. Whites appear to have the optimum level of evolutionary development, hence the dominant position they have played throughout so much of history and culture.

A genetic tree created from page 119 of L.L. Cavalli-Sforza's book "The Great Human Diasporas"

A genetic tree created from page 119 of L.L. Cavalli-Sforza’s book “The Great Human Diasporas”