The blogger Santoculto, recently mentioned an article claiming autism genetic variants are linked to high IQ. This is consistent with my view that autistic traits are more highly evolved and thus are more common among higher social classes and probably the highly evolved Mongoloid race. By contrast, my theory also states that schizophrenic traits are more primitive, and thus linked to lower social class and peoples of sub-Saharan ancestry.

Although it’s important to note that autistics themselves tend to have low IQ, though their IQ distribution is more variable, so autistics are over-represented among both the most brilliant and the most retarded. But the key point is that autistics tend to have high IQ relatives, suggesting that the genetic variants related to autism are somehow linked to high IQ. The common link is probably nerdiness. Both high IQ people and autistic people tend to be nerdy, so genetic variants for nerdiness cause autism and IQ to be genetically related.