I think Michael Jackson was one of the most talented entertainers of all time, but I also think it was totally obvious he was trying to be white. I don’t mean trying to be white in a cultural sense, but rather I mean he was literally trying to physically transform himself into a person of European ancestry. Here’s a video showing how his face transformed over the years.

I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be a different race, but be honest about it. My problem with Michael Jackson is he denied what he was doing, claiming to be proud to be black, and blaming his lighter skin on vitiligo:

I think Jackson was being quite disingenuous in the above video, and I don’t believe there’s any skin disease in his family. Typically when black people get vitiligo, they look like they had white paint splattered over them.  By contrast Michael Jackson’s skin seemed to get lighter very gradually, causing prestigious medical expert Pamela Lipkin to wonder, what came first: vitiligo or lighter skin? She stated:

Obviously he’s trying to look Caucasian.  His skin is whiter. His nose is getting thinner every six months. His lips are getting thinner. His eyebrows are getting higher. His eyes are getting wider every time. His cheekbones are getting bigger.

In other words, Michael Jackson’s lighter skin was part of a larger pattern of becoming more caucasoid looking, so Occam’s razor suggests he was deliberately trying to change his race.  But because black people are supposed to be proud of their race, he probably fabricated the skin disease as a way of saving his public image among those naive enough to believe him.

Now Jackson fans insist that he really did have a skin disease and cite the fact that his autopsy stated he had vitiligo.  However there are two kinds of vitiligo: primary and secondary.  In my opinion, Jackson had secondary vitiligo, meaning he probably used his wealth and power to get access to powerful skin bleaching treatments normally reserved for people who really do have a skin disease and need to depigment to even themselves out.  Indeed after Jackson died, detectives found 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin in his home. In other words, I think Jackson chemically induced his “vitiligo” himself, on purpose.

According to Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, Jackson began lightening skin way back in the 1980s using the over-the-counter skin-bleaching cream called Porcelana and Jackson and his sister La Toya had crates of this cream stored at their family home Hayvenhurst, “hoarding it as the most valuable beauty product ever produced”.

According to the affidavit found by Vanity Fair reporter Maureen Orth , Jackson told his maid Blanca Francia “that he bleaches his skin because he does not like being black and he feels that blacks are not liked as much as people of other races.” The same article reported that Jackson referred to blacks as “spabooks.”  Jackson’s former publicist claimed he called blacks “splaboos.”

Further evidence that Michael Jackson was trying to change his race comes from the fact that all three of his kids appear to be virtually 100% non-black.  Although Jackson claims to be the biological father of all three kids, and claims that the youngest child even has a black mother, none of them show evidence of sub-Saharan ancestry:

So although Jackson was one of the extremely rare African Americans to achieve incredible wealth, it seems his enormous fortune will be inherited by what appears to be completely non-black children.

“…he obviously didn’t want to be black,” explained composer Quincy Jones. “…You see his kids?”

A comment posted at TMZ , that’s been widely circulated on the internet, is by an anonymous person who claims to have known both Jackson and Quincy Jones. He said the following about MJ:

UNDERSTAND, MJ WAS NOT A RACIST. But he was self-loathing. MJ didn’t care if you were Black, HE DID NOT dislike Black people, HE just did not want to be Black. It’s a fact. I say this as a Bi-racial American who was at first horrified by this truth, and then upon seeing for myself that there was really an “illness” behind his actions, I came to pity MJ. MJ just didn’t find Black beautiful or attractive, & he certainly felt that Blacks were intellectually inferior in a majority areas, especially in business. WHO KNOWS HOW OR WHY he came to be this way, BUT HE DID.

However despite the fact that Jackson apparently did everything in his power to rid himself of his blackness, black America will continue to love him because his incredible talents and creative genius brought great pride to black people and helped break down racial barriers.