Most people would say Obama is the most powerful man on the planet because he’s the leader of the free world, the commander and chief of the World’s biggest military and the most worshiped man in the World’s sole super power. But Netanyahu is the leader of Israel; a land that many Ashkenazi Jews around the World have great love and affection for, and Ashkenazis, partly because of their high IQs, are the richest and most powerful demographic in America. Despite being 2% of America, Ashkenazis are 36% of the 400 richest Americans and 50% of America’s most influential pundits. Knowing he has this enormous power behind him, Netanyahu knows he can just march into America and lecture Obama about Israel’s borders as he did back in May 2011.

And despite Obama and his top aids making clear that Netanyahu’s speech today was destructive and unwelcome, Netanyahu got a standing ovation from congress. Members of congress know that if they don’t show passionate support for Israel, they could lose the support of powerful organizations like AIPAC. It’s almost as if Netanyahu has more power in Obama’s own country than Obama does.

However Obama is extremely smart and not to be underestimated. Racists tend to think no black person is smart enough to hold real power on their own and they must all just be puppets for the Jews, but Obama has been a heck of a lot more confrontational with Israel than most U.S. presidents. And as the Clintons learned in 2008, Obama’s teams knows how to play hardball. For example, in recent days, Obama’s Secretary of State accused Netanyahu of lobbying America in 2002 to invade Iraq; now seen as a colossal foreign policy disaster, and Obama media supporter Chris Mathews is using this to discredit Netanyahu, saying he pushed American into war.

Several years ago it would have been unimaginable for any mainstream public figure in America to talk so disrespectfully about the leader of Israel, but Obama, by constantly getting into confrontations with Netanyahu, has managed to chip away at his prestige. Also despite his tumultuous relationship with the Israeli leader, many American Jews still love Obama because he is a black liberal intellectual, and diversity, liberalism, and intellectualism are traits many Jews love just as much as Israel. And of course some of the more liberal Jews feel that Obama being tough on Israel is exactly what Israel needs to make lasting peace in the region, and see Obama’s confrontations with Israel as a form of tough love.

However conservative Jews seem to hate Obama and Obama seems extremely unpopular in Israel: