Sometimes I get really depressed by the evil of human nature. It seems like for a lot of middle income youths, beating the crap out of some poor defenseless homeless person is entertainment.

This shows that if you don’t have money, society looks at you as subhuman, worthy of being kicked around and in some cases even urinated on.

But there’s also something Darwinian about it. Those who can’t adapt to the environment (i.e. earn money) are victimized by those who can. We see this all over the animal kingdom but humans are unique in that they are one of the few animals that victimizes the weak just for the sheer sadistic pleasure it gives them, while other animals victimize only for food.

Some people like to talk about how the rich are evil because they make their money by exploiting the middle income earners, but it’s the middle income earners who go around beating up and urinating on the homeless. You don’t see millionaires going around beating up and urinating on average Americans. Nor do you see billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet beating up and urinating on millionaires. I suppose Marxists would say they do it metaphorically.

A lot of middle income people adopt the self-serving philosophy that the poor are poor because of stupidity and the rich are rich because of evil, and only they, the middle income people, have both brains and morality. But I think this only half true. Yes, the rich are probably more evil than middle income Americans (on average), but they’re also probably a lot smarter. And yes, the poor are probably a lot dumber than middle income Americans, but they are also probably a lot less evil.

So just as middle income Americans look down at the homeless for being stupid, the rich can also look down at the middle incomes for being stupid. And just as the middle incomes can look down at the rich for being evil, the homeless can look down down at the middle income for being evil. Occam’s razor implies that whatever positive or negative traits associated with money probably apply about as much as to those who are richer than you as to those who are poorer than you.

The video below, where a homeless person offers a middle income person a hug after getting beat up, demonstrates the superior morality of the homeless over the middle-income Americans that torment them.