I remember a long time ago, a lot of people in the HBD community were speculating that “liberal elites” secretly believe HBD and the Lion of the Blogosphere explained that such speculation was false. He said that because a lot of HBD people are nerds, they have trouble understanding how non-nerds think. The Lion’s argument (if I remember it) went something like nerds believe in HBD because they are rational, but non-nerds don’t believe in HBD because they are emotional and believe whatever other people believe, and since other people don’t believe in HBD, they don’t either.

And thus I was interested to see Charles Murray claim (go to the 57 minute mark in the video below) that some of the fiercest critics of his book The Bell Curve were privately fans, and we the public would be stunned to learn who the fans are (apparently some of the biggest liberals in academia).

Among the few liberals I have known well enough to access their private views behind closed doors, I’ve noticed that the dumb ones are quite sincere in their HBD denial, but those with high IQ, particularly high math IQ, secretly believe that races differ in genetic intelligence.

I had one high math IQ liberal tell me privately that his objection to HBDers was that they were either racist or stupid to be shoving such an unpleasant truth in our faces. “To me this is very stupid thing,” he explained, refering to scientists who argue that black people have lower IQs. “They’re poor…maybe they’re dumb” he said immitating an HBDer. “Well very brilliant, Sir,” he added sarcastically in response to such HBDers, “you deserve a Nobel Prize!”

“Well it sounds like you actually agree that blacks are less intelligent?” I said.

“They’re at the bottom, they suffer everyday. What do you think it is?” he snapped.

His attitude was HBD was so obviously true, that only a fool would point it out.

Another example of liberal elites secretly believing HBD was the respectful treatment the elite liberal media, including The New York Times gave to Cochran and Harpending’s theory that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically smarter than gentiles. Are we supposed to believe these liberal elites only believe in HBD when it’s between gentiles and Jews, but not when it’s between blacks and whites? More likely they just publicly support HBD when it doesn’t offend a historically oppressed group, and when it does, they pretend not to believe it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if even Stephen Jay Gould, if you had got him drunk, would have confessed to being a closet HBDer.