Iconic blogger Steve Sailer has a post up about how The New York Times is saying that France’s secularism helped cause the recent terrorist attacks. A commenter on Sailer’s blog named “Jefferson” writes:

Since when did The New York Times have a problem with secularism ? When did secularism become a bad thing in their eyes ? Isn’t everybody at The New York Times suppose to be Liberal Atheists who hate all forms of organized religion ? Oh I forgot the only religion they really hate is Christianity.

Another commenter named “Nathanwartooth” writes:

The NYT has officially lost their minds. They are arguing for women wearing full face veils in schools and for the French government to embrace Islam.

They aren’t liberal. They are anti white and anti Christian. That’s the only thing that explains this.

I agree with Nathanwartooth that America’s media elite is anti-Christain, however what I suspect is that they are also anti-Muslim. This may seem like a strange thing to say since they are constantly defending Islam and promoting immigration, and the conventional wisdom in conservative circles is that “liberal” elite is pro-Muslim.

But since we know the media elite is smart, we must assume they know what they’re doing, and thus we must judge their motives not by what they say, but by the consequences of their actions. The best way to create a backlash against Muslim is to constantly write stories worrying about a backlash against Muslim because this (1) gives people the idea, and (2) makes people angry that the media is “protecting” Muslims. In fact, the media is only pretending to protect Muslims, while deliberately creating more Islamophobia, thus cleverly getting street cred for being “good liberals” while promoting their true neoconservative agenda.

If you hate both Christians and Muslims, the smart thing to do is encourage as much Muslim immigration as you can into Christian nations, encourage Muslims not to assimilate, and call any Christian who objects a racist. This is a very evil but brilliant way of creating a global war between the two populations you hate. Divide and conquer.

The media elite is VERY smart; so smart that virtually no one is smart enough to see what they’re doing.