A question that has long puzzled thoughtful people is “why are Jews so liberal?” Entire scholarly books have attempted to answer the question. Since 1928, the average Jewish vote for the Democrat in American presidential elections has been an incredible 75%—much greater than that of any other ethno-religious group. So committed to liberal ideals are some American Jews that one even traveled all the way to Sweden and argues for multiculturalism in that country she’s not even from, even as she insists Jewish liberalism is creating more antisemitism in Europe:

So how do we explain such a passionate commitment to liberalism by people like Barbara Lerner Spectre? Like African Americans, Jews are a historically oppressed minority, and historically oppressed minorities vote liberal, however Jews are now an extremely wealthy demographic, and wealthy people tend to become more conservative, so that doesn’t quite explain it.

One possible explanation is IQ. According to research promoted by the prestigious New York Times, Ashkenazi Jews are genetically much smarter than other Americans. High IQ people tend to be more liberal, especially relative to their income levels; I’ve proposed four major reasons why this happens.

Could high IQ be somehow causing Jews to become more liberal? High IQ seems to make people more morally aware, open-minded, and abstract in their thinking; all traits that might increase the odds of embracing liberal ideals. The average Jewish IQ is genetically quite high, and some, like Barbara Lerner Spectre, would be even more intelligent still, and these would be especially liberal.

Of course I’m not suggesting high IQ is the only explanation for Jewish liberalism, or even the most important one, but it is a variable that is typically overlooked.