In a previous post, I discussed how sad I was to see a great African American icon being dragged through the mud over rape accusations. Now TMZ is reporting evidence that may help vindicate the beloved entertainer.

Bill Cosby has PROOF he was not even at the Playboy Mansion the night one of his accusers claims he sexually assaulted her … so says Cosby’s lawyer.

Legal pit bull Marty Singer tells TMZ … on the date in question — August 9, 2008 — he has flight and telephone records that clearly place Cosby in New York City … 2,500 miles from the Mansion.

Chloe Goins claims Cosby gave her a drink at the Mansion during the Midsummer Night’s Party and the next thing she knew she was naked in a bedroom as Cosby sucked her toes and masturbated…And one more thing … the August 9th party was extensively covered by the media, and photos were published of the various celebs in attendance, including Paris Hilton, Matthew Perry, Jim Belushi, Jason Statham and Bill Maher. There are no pics or mention of Cosby.

Of course even if Cosby is vindicated of this particular accusation, it doesn’t prove he’s innocent of the others, but if just one of his accusers is exposed as a liar, it could be a major victory in the court of public opinion.