I woke up this morning to discover my readership had soared to the highest level in the history of this blog. Puzzled by the sudden explosion in traffic, I looked at the list of daily referrals to my blog and quickly realized that the traffic was coming from none other than the man who had virtually invented HBD blogging: Steve Sailer. It seems I have made Steve Sailer’s prestigious blog roll along side such luminaries as elite physicist turned geneticist turned Obama BFF Steve Hsu.

Sailer not only virtually pioneered HBD blogging, and had the courage and integrity to use his real name at a time when doing so was more difficult, but he’s been dominating the field ever since. As the power of the internet continues to grow, so too does Sailer’s historical legacy as a man who broke down taboos and paved the way for open intelligent discussion about behavioral genetics.

But Sailer is so much more than a talented and influential blogger. He is a scholar who has made valuable contributions to the field of HBD, a film critic with a unique perspective, and a journalist who exposed important lies that fooled the best and brightest in media. He is cited by eminent scientists and even presidential candidates are asked to respond to his blog.

I am honored to make the blog roll of a man who is not only brilliant and influential, but who paved the way for us all.